Ike, Harvey, the Tax Day floods, Houston can have some serious weather issues. One part of our homes that often takes the brunt is our garage doors. They have a large surface area and they get head-on with any of the wild weather we have here, so knowing how to protect your Houston Garage door can help keep your home secure during all kinds of weather and will likely help save you some money in the long run.

Just so we are clear of the impact of Houston weather and how important it is to protect your garage door, Hurricane Harvey in 2017 caused about $125 billion in damage, Harvey ranks as the second-most costly hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland since 1900 ( Worldvision.org) From compiled data,2015 through 2018, Houston has had 7 major flooding events. So Houston has a history of high winds and damaging floods.

Think of your garage door kinda like the guards protecting the castle wall, and the storm is the enemy invader. If those guards go down, the castle is breached! If your garage door gets knocked out by the storm, the rest of your house may be in jeopardy as well. Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to protect your Houston garage door from storm damage


A small paint chip can become a large one, and that can weaken the area on the garage door and eventually cause a small hole, which in turn becomes a bigger one and, well, you get the idea. Scanning your garage door month (especially during the Houston storm season) for small chips and cracks and fixing them quickly is step one in protecting the door. Look for any gaps in weather stripping as well and fix when and where needed.


Garage door brace spectrum overhead doorInstalling upgraded garage door bracing can be a fantastic way to take the strength of your Houston garage door to the next level, and beyond. Think about it, most garage doors are simply connected to the track system that allows it to move up and down. So, the door is just a big rectangle of wind and weather catching material and if that storm is strong enough, the door can get either blown in OR sucked out…neither scenario is good for your home. Installing upgraded bracing can turn your garage door into a literal stronghold protecting the rest of your home and all its contents. These braces help secure the door to the walls, flooring AND each hinge of the door. This can help all but eliminate the threat of storm damage to your garage door.




Are pretty and add an aesthetic appeal to garage doors, but in the case of a bad storm, they can easily be blown out or hit with flying debris and once they get shattered, the door is susceptible to anything and everything the storm brings with it. Some choose to eliminate windows altogether to lessen the chances of storm damage, but another alternative is to install impact resistance glass AND install shutters for them as well so they can be locked up nice and tight when the storm winds do come a-blowing.


There are two major elements when we talk about storms. We mentioned wind, the other is Houston is almost famous for flooding. When Harvey hit, the main problem was flooding. Water/flood damage can be even worse and if you don’t take precautions from keeping it out of your home, the storm damage can be devastating. Garage doors, without help, can only keep some much water out, but it always seems to find a way to seep in and if the water outside is bad enough, this water WILL get into your home. Installing a trench drain in front of your house will help to move water around your home so it has a pathway that doesn’t lead inside. Also, you can install flood vents inside your garage so that any water that DOES get inside is drained quickly and never has a chance to do any real storm damage.


Garage door bracedWhile all the above can be helpful tips no matter what kind of garage door you have when in Houston, it often makes sense to just go ahead and upgrade your garage door. Installing a wind-rated garage door is an excellent way to ensure that the storm stays outside and never has a chance to get into your home. There are some neighborhoods in the Houston area that require a wind-rated garage door. There are wind rated garage doors rated at 140mph, 150mph, and 160mph. 140 mph rated garage doors are the most common in Houston, but we here at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can order and install any of the three. Think of these doors as the big guy at the front of the nightclub hired to keep the bad people out…or in this case, wind.

Houston has a track record of major storms. Everything from Hurricanes to major cold fronts in the spring bringing strong storms gets thrown at Houston. Take these tips and put them into action and you will be ready the next time the wind and the rain come knocking on your garage door.


If you are thinking or replacing your garage door, or your door has become damaged after a storm and need repair, call us at 281-748-9542 and schedule for a free quote. Spectrum Overhead Door LLC, your Houston Garage Door Experts, have been in business in Houston are for over 12 years, and unlike some of the bigger national garage door companies, we are locally owned and operated. We have a vested interest in keeping our Houston community strong and healthy, helping fellow Houstonians when storms come.

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