Selling your Houston area home can get a bit tricky nowadays. In April 2019, the Chronicle called the housing market a mixed bag.  If you are trying to edge other homes in curb appeal and value, a new garage door might be the trick. Yes, a new garage door can increase the value of your Houston home. Attached garages can take up to 40% of your home’s façade, so it’s no real shock that garage doors can make or break your home’s first impression. Want to know how the garage door can help enhance the overall value of the property?

So How Can Replacing a Garage Door Increases the Value Your Houston Home?

We have put together 3 ways of replacing a garage door can increase your home’s value.

Garage Doors Improve Curb Appeal

The first way replacing a garage door can increase your home’s value is curb appeal or the street view of the home.No matter whether you are interested in selling your home, or it is just an improvement project to enhance the street view; garage door is an excellent place to start. There are basically two ways to approach garage doors from an aesthetic point of view. One is to hide the door. These are like your basic white or almond steel garage doors. They are also lots of other color choices to match the paint and trim of your home. The other is to accentuate or complement the home. Wood overlays and old-world carriage house designs are great designs to compliment the home. You can go even go with the modern look of a Full View Glass Garage Door. The market these days is loaded with several amazing styles of garage doors; prefer to pick the one that creates a perfect match with the aesthetics of your home. It must draw the attention of every visitor in the street.

Garage Doors Can Save Energy 

We live in an era of advanced technologies where you can save on monthly bills even by installing a garage door. It is all about the latest insulated garage door units that can easily enhance the overall value of the property by almost 4%. It means you can save both ways; getting more value for resale; and by reducing electricity bills as well. Note that, these doors are capable enough to maintain internal temperature to such a level that you can feel comfortable in winters and summer as well. The idea is to look for a product with a higher R-value. Experts at Houston garage door repair recommend R-14 and R-16 for the colder areas.

Garage Doors Enhance safety and security

Safety and security are some of the main reasons to have a garage door in the first place. It is a place to put your vehicles and other large belonging because it adds protection.  Garage doors can keep intruders out of your premises so that all your family members can stay safe inside. Many big brands are now designing garage doors with opener systems and sensing photo eyes to ensure a higher level of security. Insulated or steel backed garage doors are designed to be hard to break into.  A big selling point of your home could be its safety features, which would include a garage door system that is hard to break into.

If you are looking to sell your Houston home, or just want to improve the overall look of your home and you are considering installing a garage door, the Houston garage door experts at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can come to your home and give you a free consultation on which garage door would be right for you.

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