Most garage door openers come with a small remote. Yet that is another thing you must keep track of. In 2019, a good majority of people are connected to their phones, so why shouldn’t your garage door be as well? There are garage door opener apps to make your life easier. Not having to keep track of the garage door remote means one less thing to worry about. Added to the fact that using an app to control your garage door gives you some convenience and security you may not have thought of, like getting your packages delivered inside the garage or giving guest access to frequent visitors or family members. Here are the best garage door opener apps for 2019.


MyQ SMARTPHONE APPThe MyQ SMARTPHONE APP was designed for convenience and safety. This is also the app that we at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC. recommend the most. The app is made by Chamberlain, a maker of garage door openers. All new Liftmaster openers now come with MyQ software. It does, however, work with most wifi-enabled garage door openers. If your garage door opener is not wifi-enabled, there are Chamberlain® Smart Garage™ Hubs available. Currently, MyQ works with Nest, SmartThings and Xfinity Home smart home systems. Apple HomeKit compatibility requires the purchase of a $49 adapter.

The MyQ SMARTPHONE APP not only controls your garage doors, but your home’s lighting as well. You can create preset scheduling, get notifications and set up guests. Securely invite up to three guests to control your MyQ connected garage door openers and lights from their own MyQ app and login info. A particularly interesting feature is that eligible Amazon Prime members have the option of in-garage delivery in select cities and surrounding areas.



GarageMate advertises as a “Universal Secure Remote” in which you can control your garage door from your Android or GarageMateBluetooth. It works by wiring the GarageMate Receiver to your residential garage door opener. There are only two wires to connect and installation takes about 2 minutes.

One of the first interesting features of this app is that it does not require the internet for the receiver to work. GarageMate is compatible with any residential garage door opener that has a standard wall switch, so your garage door opener does not have to be wifi-enabled. You can password protect your GarageMate, so that even if someone else has the exact same app, you would have to give them the password or grant them guest access to use the garage door.

This app is compatible with most brands on the garage door opener market. There are, however, a few exceptions when it comes to compatibility. If your Craftsman, Chamberlain, or Liftmaster was made after 2011, check if it has a yellow learn-button. If the button is yellow, then it will NOT work with GarageMate. For a full list of compatibilities, go to.


Open Sesame

Open SesameOpen Sesame markets as “A smartphone app that can transform as many of your mobile devices into garage remotes, easily and securely.” The Open Sesame system comes in two parts: a blue tooth receiver box and an app. You download the app and pair it to the device, then install the device by connecting it to your garage door opener. In terms of compatibility, the Open Sesame markets itself as “a generic solution that can be used with pretty much any garage door controller that has a wall switch or a console.” One interesting security feature is it will not work without pairing with the device and pairing is not possible without the unique password.




GogoGate is a garage door and smart home app compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit. There Gogo Gateis a compatibility checker here to see if your garage door opener will work with GogoGate. The app can integrate with a compatible security camera so you can have complete security over your garage door. An interesting feature of this app is you get voice control, which is especially handy when you’re driving. Also, Gogogate will work in places without internet access, so it can be ideal for remote places like a ranch.


Your smartphone, whether you’re using Android or Apple, is a central part of life for many people. Just as the saying goes, “there is an app for that” and that applies to garage door openers as well. These garage door opener apps can give you convenience and security.


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