With a tropical storm that just hit the Houston area, it is just another reminder of how turbulent our weather can be and how vulnerable homes are in the Houston area. When a storm comes through the Houston area, many homeowners remember to check their siding, windows, and roof after the storm.  Yet checking your garage door for storm damage is just as important and not as often thought of.

Check for Dents

Tropical storms and hurricane winds can blow debris into your garage door. The same can be said for the smaller storms Houston seems to get as well. Now, if your garage door looks like your car went through it, it’s obvious you have problems, but don’t dismiss checking your garage door just because the dents aren’t so obvious. Garage door panel damage can cause all sorts of problems, later on, even the smaller dents. Ignoring garage door panel damage can make the door resistant to closing over time and forcing the garage door closed can make the rollers come out of the track.

If the dents are minor, you can use a garage door strut brace to shore up your garage door. The trick is to make sure you catch the damage early enough.

Scratches and Exposed Metal

Along with checking for dents, you want to check for scratches and chipped paint that exposes the metal underneath. Catching these early is important. If they’re left alone, the more likely water, and thus rust, will eat away at the exposed metal.

Check Your Weather Seal

All the wind and rain can give your weather seal a beating. Many times, your weather seal can dry out in the hot sun right after a storm and cause it to weaken and crack. If your weather seal prevented water from getting into your garage from the tropical or other storms, you will want to check it again to make sure it did not take damage, check for any cracking, or for if it is falling off. This will help in prevention from future storms.

A Word About Prevention.

This is Houston, storms occur fairly often here, which means both tropical and non-tropical in nature. So just because you might have escaped without damage this time, unless you are prepared, the next major storm you might not be so lucky. Always keep your trees and bushes well-trimmed to avoid unexpected projectiles from hitting your garage door as well as the rest of your home. If your garage door does sustain any damage, take care of it well before the next major storm. If your garage door sustained only small damage this last storm (like hurricane Nicholas), you don’t want to wait to get it fixed. More damage could cause the garage door to fail completely and force you to replace your garage door. If your garage door sustained major damage, it might be best to go ahead and replace the garage door before the next major storm. Consider getting a wind-rated garage door that is tested to stand up to the damage a hurricane can throw at it.

If your garage door sustains damage in a storm here in the Houston area, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can deliver fast, friendly service to you in the way that is the most helpful to you. If you have only suffered minor panel damage, we can replace the garage door panel instead of the whole door, saving you money. Call us at 281-748-9542 or if in East Houston 713-557-3407 to schedule your free quote today!

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Garage Door MaintenanceChecking Your Garage Door For Storm Damage