To many Houstonians, their garage door is an essential part of their home. Many homeowners use their garage door as the front door and entrance into their home. So when you find you can’t get the garage door to open or close as it should, it can be frustrating and a hindrance to your daily life. If your garage door will not close, that could also pose a home security risk. If that has happened to you, don’t panic. Here are some common reasons your garage door is not working properly.

Your Garage Door Safety Sensors Are Not Working Properly.

If your garage door seems to be stuck open, one reason could be your safety sensor. Garage doors have a safety sensor on both the left and right sides, and they are usually designed with a special lighting sensor. When you are closing your garage door, if the sensors show some blinking lights, it means that it is sending the wrong signal to the opener about the alignment. In order to fix the issue, you can simply push against the metal bracket, and when the lights come back to solid, the opener should work accurately.

Also, with this being Houston, and since we have a huge dust and pollen problem as well as humidity, these things may settle on the sensor due to the wind. In this case, you may need to clean the sensor to prevent the issue.

Lack of Power to Motor.

One of the more common reasons your garage door has stopped working is the lack of power to the garage door motor. Check to make sure your operator is plugged in and there is no damage to the cord. You may also want to check to make sure the breaker the garage door opener is on has not tripped. If your garage door opener does not have a built-in battery backup, it would be a good idea to get a battery backup.

Damage Due to Power Surge.

The Houston area has a history of strong storms. An unexpected power surge due to a storm could cause a surge to a shared power grid. This can sometimes cause garage door openers to malfunction and cause the issue of unexpected opening and closing. If you do not have your garage door opener on a surge protector, this could cause damage to the circuit board or the opener. This power surge possibility is another good reason to look into battery backups for your garage door opener.

Your Garage Door Tracks Are Bent or Misaligned.

If your garage door movement is not aligned and has gotten stuck, it could possibly be that your garage door track has gotten bent or misaligned. If one of them is slanted towards the garage door, causing a hindrance to the normal operation, this issue can be adjusted with the help of a screwdriver and wrench.

You Have Rusty Rollers.

If your garage door stops before touching the ground, it could be that your rollers are rusted and need to be changed. Rusted rollers create friction, which can trick the garage door and makes it believe that the door has reached the ground before it touches it.

You Have a Heavy Garage Door.

Your garage door, especially if it’s a wooden door, can get swollen and heavier over time. It is possible that it has tried to close too hard for the sensors, causing the door to go back up. This could also cause the springs to wear out sooner.

Your Garage Door Springs May Have Given Out.

As just mentioned, it is possible that a heavy door, rust, or even just time may have done your garage door springs in. Your garage door springs are designed to counterbalance the weight of the door making the door almost weightless for both manual and opener operation. If the spring(s) is broken the door will become extremely heavy and difficult to open. This can lead to garage door opener motor damage as well.

Your Garage Door Opener Has Worn Out.

Though we would love for things to last forever, after about 10 to 15 years, a garage door opener just might give out. In this case, it might be best to just replace the garage door opener due to advancements in garage door technology that allows for features like garage door monitoring, and a quieter opener.

Houston Garage Door Repair.

If you live in the Houston area and your garage door is not working, it could be one of these common problems. Now, truthfully you could try to chase down what is causing the problem and fix it yourself. However, that can take time and comes with the risk of making costly mistakes. Spectrum Overhead Door has been repairing garage doors in Houston since 2006 with award-winning service. We believe in fast, friendly service and reasonable pricing. Call for a free quote at 281-748-9542  or if you live in East Houston 713-557-3407.

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