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Garage doors are a great convenience, especially when you want to keep things out of sight such as your vehicles. Yet garage doors are also like a big front door. If you do not secure your door, there can be some big problems as garage doors can look inviting to a thief. Here are some garage door safety tips to keep your garage, vehicles, and home safe.

Inspect your Garage Door.

From time to time you’re going to check over your garage door. You are going to look for gaps between the window and the frame of your garage door. You also want to look for gaps between the garage door and the weather stripping as well. The reason you want to look for gaps is that these are places thieves can use a crowbar on your garage door or garage door window. One of the best times to inspect your garage door is during transitions from season to season.

Secure Your Emergency Garage Door Release.

Yes, that red cord that you can use to manually open your garage door is a good thing in case your opener quits. Yet also, a thief can use it against you as well. A thief can reach that cord from the outside and lift that garage door. There is a quick fix for this that still allows you to be able to use It in case of an emergency. Secure the cord with zip ties. This way you can cut or break the zip ties if you need to use it, but a thief cannot get to it.

Never Leave Your Garage Door Open.

This sounds like common sense and in truth, it is. Yet in our busy lives, especially here in the Houston area, it is easier said than done. It is actually one of the top ways a burglar gets into the garage. That is because it is the path of least resistance if someone is looking for garages and homes to break into. If you have a habit of leaving the garage door open, there are apps that can help to remind you your garage door is open. We suggest the MyQ app that works with most garage door openers. It lets you close your garage door from wherever you are, and lets you know when the last time it was open and for how long.

Frosting or Covering Your Garage Door Windows.

If someone is snooping around looking for something worth breaking into a garage for, it is hard to do that if they cannot see through the window of your garage. You can cover your windows by using curtains, frosting your windows or even use tinting. You also get the benefit of helping your energy cost as well by controlling how much light comes through your garage door window. Covering your garage door windows is something that has multiple benefits.

Installing Motion Activated Lights.

Lighting that turns on when someone approaches your driveway and garage door is convenient for you and provides an added layer of safety in case someone is prowling around. No thief wants the light shined on them when they want to break in.

Install an Alarm System on Your Garage Door.

Just like there are magnetic alarm systems that detect motion on window, there are alarm systems that do the same for garage doors. For many, simply mount the sensor to the inside of an overhead door near its bottom and then pair the sensor. This will deter a thief if they try to open your garage by sounding an alarm if they try to lift the armed garage door.

Use a Side Lock.

If you are going away for a longer period of time such as a vacation or business trip, consider installing a manual side lock. This type of lock cannot be unlocked with a remote and requires you to manually unlock with your key in hand.

Hide Your Garage Door Remote.

When you park your car for work or shopping, do not leave your remote visible where a thief can look in and see it. If they see it, it is possible they will want to break into the car and grab the remote. They can take one look at an insurance slip sitting in the glove box to find out exactly where you live. From there, it’s just as simple as going to your home while you are not there and letting themselves into your garage.

Change Your Code.

If you have used the same code for a while, a thief might be able to ferret out what that code is by the wear patterns on the buttons. Or it might be possible someone might have seen you put in the code. As a general practice, it is good to change your garage door opener code on a regular basis. We suggest about every 6 months.

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