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Broken garage door spring repair is our specialty. When it comes to spring replacement in Houston, take care to not get taken advantage of. Spectrum Overhead Door provides straight forward and fair pricing. Many companies won’t provide clear pricing, and/or use bait and switch tactics. We do not. Prices should include parts and labor, and whether there is a service charge. When you call us to schedule a spring replacement, you can expect a higher level of service and trust.

Garage Door Spring Replacement in Houston


We strive to be at your door within 1 to2 hours! 

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Garage door springs may need to be replaced due to fatigue (age), excessive rust, and when they are broken. Spring replacement can be a dangerous job if you do not have the correct tools and knowledge, so it is highly recommended to have a professional to install your springs. We have been replacing springs in the greater Houston area since 2006, and would be happy to schedule your repair today.


Do you need to replace a BROKEN garage door spring in the Houston area? Garage door springs are essential for the proper balance and operation of your garage door. Torsion springs are designed to counterbalance the weight of the door making the door almost weightless for both manual and opener operation. If the spring(s) is broken the door will become extremely heavy and difficult to open. This can lead to garage door opener motor damage as well, if not addressed quickly.

Replace Rusty Garage Door Springs
New 207x2x22 Torsion Springs
15,000 Cycle Garage Door Springs

Wayne Dalton Spring Repair and Replacement in Houston 

Have a Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster spring that has broken? Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster springs are a unique solution in the garage door industry. Because of this, many in the garage door industry will not touch a TorqueMaster spring or will want you to convert to a torsion spring. 

However, we understand if you want to stay with the Wayne Dalton system. That is why our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in the intricacies of the TorqueMaster spring system. We understand that the proper handling and precise adjustment of these springs are crucial for optimal performance and longevity. When servicing or replacing Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster springs, we ensure that every component is meticulously inspected and calibrated to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Trust Spectrum Overhead Door to bring the expertise and attention to detail required to maintain the integrity and functionality of your Wayne Dalton garage door system, keeping it running smoothly for years to come.

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring Repair Houston

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Most of our current techs are veterans of the industry having a decade of experience or more! We are constantly training and re-training as new technology and systems become available. All of our employees attend weekly safety meetings at our office to discuss procedures and service goals. Meet our techs.


It goes without saying that a typical garage door can be quite dangerous. Having a complete understanding of how the couterbalance system works, and being trained on proper procedures goes a long way to mitigating the dangers.

Spectrum Overhead Door carries ample liability insurance to cover any accident or damage to property as a direct result of our work. Rest assure that we have your valuables covered. Other companies may not.


Our company believes in treating others the way that we would like to be treated. We achieve this by offering our customers in the Houston area clear and competitive pricing. Our customers appreciate the fact that our advertising is straight forward, and not gimmicky.


When you call our friendly office you will be speaking to someone with well over a decade of experience. When asked, we have no qualms about quoting you an honest and a fair price range for your project- in some cases right over the phone!

Need help with the name of garage door parts and how to describe your issue? Read What Are the Parts of a Garage Door System?

Same Day Garage Door Spring Replacement


 At Spectrum Overhead Door we will always fit your garage door with the correct set of torsion springs to properly balance the weight. We carry all of the most common spring sizes on our fleet trucks, so that we can quickly get your door up and running safely again.

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The installer was prompt and thorough. Also detected maintenance needed. Was able to do that work same day for a reasonable price. Garage door is now working well. Would absolutely recommend.

 -Google Reviews

Jennifer Wingard

I called and spoke to Mike and explained what was going on with my car garage door opener. After explaining, Mike was able to determine that it must be the car opener was causing the problem. He could of taken advantage of me and scheduled an appointment costing me money..After securing a new opener, the problem was resolved. I definitely appreciated Mike’s action. This company provided GREAT customer service and will definitely be my go to in the future. THANK YOU!!!!!

 -Google Reviews

Jean Chynoweth

  Garage Door Spring Installation Service Serving The Houston Area

Spectrum Overhead Door is happy to introduce to you our GARAGE DOOR PARTS STORE in Houston. We sell all the garage door hardware, springs, openers, and doors TO THE PUBLIC. Our experienced staff can answer all of your questions, and make sure you get the exact parts that you need. We cover tips and tricks of the trade with you to assist you in completing your project safely.  Customers who attempt their own repair and installation should be mechanically inclined and do so at their own risk. Visit today, or call our store directly at 832-834-3477





Travis grew up in the Northwest, enjoying fishing with his dad, and playing sports with his brother and neighborhood friends. He has enjoyed singing, writing songs, and playing the trumpet for his local church. In high school he excelled at playing volleyball and was captain of the varsity basketball team. Today Travis enjoys metal detecting for old coins and relics and following the crypto currency market. He loves to travel with his wife of over 30 years and spending time with his grand kids at every opportunity.

Travis is the owner and sole proprietor of Spectrum Overhead Door. He first opened for business back in 2006. His first hire was a local pastor who was looking for part-time work. Travis’ faith in God has played a large role in his life, leading him to seek a degree in theology, rather than pursuing college basketball or a secular education.

Travis’ work background has included landscape design and construction, house framing, building pool fences, and sales. He is proud of his time spent with Youth With A Mission, and volunteering to help build churches abroad. During Harvey Travis and his wife opened their home to 2 families that were victims of the terrible flooding. He is most proud of utilizing his building skills to complete the build-out of 2 dance studio facilities that his wife and daughters own and operate.

Travis loves the garage door industry, and is very happy that his company can be of service to all neighbors in the Houston area. It gives him the most satisfaction to see how a beautifully designed garage door can add such great curb appeal to a home. He is thankful for his great employees and how they operate as a team to help each other out when needed.



Sales Manager and Dispatcher

Cory is a Houston native. He is the service manager at Spectrum Overhead Door, and is well known to be a team player. No doubt, he learned some of his great qualities growing up playing soccer, football, and running track. Back then he was known as “Sticks.” His love of animals led him to study at a veterinary tech school where he graduated with honors. Today, he and his 3 kids enjoy time with their 2 cats Gracie and Roscoe. Cory attributes raising kids as life changing, and offers him some solace after losing his younger brother to a car accident.

Like many people, Cory had experienced many resets in his life as a result of the COVID pandemic. He has learned to overcome adversity when it comes his way. Cory has a stick-with-it attitude when things get tough. He is a long-time fan of Batman, and aspires to live up to lessons from the show such as “Stand up for what you believe in, do right- even when no one is watching, and always look out for the little guy.”

Cory considers himself very fortunate when he is able to set time aside to help others. He is most proud of a season in life where he had volunteered to assist special needs kids through sports activities. Cory says he really enjoys being in the service industry where he can regularly help people in their time of need.



In-Store Parts Sales and Dispatcher

Cecelia, aka Cece, has lived in Houston all her life. She has great memories spending time with her father fishing for bass, perch, and catfish. When she was younger she enjoyed competing on a dance team and playing volleyball. Like many of us, Cece was excited to get her drivers license at an early age. She was made to share her first car with both of her siblings. Somehow they all survived just fine and they were able to make it work.

Cece’s favorite season is Fall and she always looks forward to having Thanksgiving with her 6 kids, most of whom will get in the spirit- each helping to prepare their own favorite dish. Cece has quite the busy house, caring for her husband, 6 kids, 5 cats, 2 dogs, and 3 turtles to top it all off. You might say that she does alot of running around. That very well could explain her fondness for shoes, for which she has a closet full.

Cece has been in the garage door industry for over five years. She learned the trade riding with her husband and fellow garage door technician David. Cece is now a vital part of the office team- assisting with the parts store, helping walk-in customers, answering phones, record keeping,  and dispatching.



Field Technician and Parts Delivery

David was born and raised in the Houston area. He enjoyed playing football in high school, playing both wide-receiver and defensive-end. His work experience includes laying tile, general construction, and working at an automotive repair shop. He has always been a very hard worker, holding many jobs prior to turning 18. It could be said that David grew up in a household with more than a few challenges. As a result, David has learned to have a strong character and to be self-reliant. He achieved a major goal and life milestone when he was able to purchase his own land and home before turning 25. It is there where he and his wife are busy raising 6 kids, 5 cats, and 2 dogs.

One of David’s gifts is being naturally mechanical. Much of his skills have been self-taught as his mind just seems to easily understand how things work. One of his favorite personal projects was fully building an engine for a Chevy pickup. David’s current hobbies include racing and building sports cars. David had a very close friend in his life who passed away. He drew a lot of inspiration from him and received life-changing advice. David attributes some of where he is today to that friendship.

David’s mechanical skills have served him well in the garage door industry where he has been happily working for over 15 years now. He knew that learning this trade was going to change his life, and it certainly has. David enjoys being out there meeting new people, educating them about garage doors, and having a positive impact on people.



Field Technician and Parts Delivery

Daniel is both a war veteran and a veteran in the garage door industry. He served his country well, and for many years. He loves chatting with others. You should not be surprised if you are entreated with a charming or humorous tale of his many life adventures. Daniel is well liked by both customers and coworkers.

Daniel is proud to have served in the army from 1989 to 1993 in the 82nd Airborne Infantry. He says that he has purposely jumped out of more planes than he could possibly remember. Today his missions are quite a bit safer! As a garage door tech, he typically works hard all day, AND is happy to help customers with emergency calls later in the evening and on weekends. He might not drop out of the sky with a chute overhead like he used to, but he still intends to amaze his customers with the fastest arrival possible on Houston roads. 

After the military, Daniel remained abroad for years as a construction contractor on a military base. In 2010 he went to Iraq to work on military bases supporting the US armed forces as a contractor. It is during that time that he met the girl of his dreams, and wife (one in the same), while shopping at a mall in the Philippines. Daniel describes one of the happiest events in his life three years later, when he proudly held his newborn son in his arms.

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Our Houston location at 11202 Katy Fwy #116b, Houston, TX  services Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Cypress, Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, and Pecan Grove -Richmond.  If you live on the East side of Houston, Check out our Spectrum Overhead Door Channelview Location for coverage.

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