When you buy a garage door, it’s an investment for your home. After all, as we have stated before garage doors can cover up to 40% of one side of your home. Yet when you buy a garage door, because it is a big investment you will want to have an idea of how long the garage door will last.

How Long the Garage Door Will Last

The short answer, most doors will last 15 to 30 years by most manufacturers’ standards. Yet when you look at that number, that is a pretty big gap, by double of years to be precise. Why such a big gap? This is because there is a lot of determining factors in determining the lifespan of the garage door.  Of course, first is to consider what exactly worn out means. This is important because some people will wait on replacing the garage door until a major mechanical part like the torsion spring breaks. Others will simply replace worn out parts and keep the door. Others consider things like worn paint, dents or damages to the door and so on.

Another determining factor is what the door is made out of. An aluminum or steel garage door will last 20 years or more. A wooden garage door should last about the same amount of time or even longer, depending on if you are taking proper care of the garage door. And this goes into our next part, proper care of the garage door. Wooden garage doors need to be sealed every couple of years, especially if you live in a wet climate like here in the Houston area.  Otherwise, the door can swell, get heavier, and cause damage to the garage door springs or opener. That turn can cause more damage to the door if the door gets crooked or stuck. An aluminum and steel garage doors need to inspect to make sure the paint does not chip off and expose the metal, causing rust.

Another factor is the usage and other garage door parts such as your torsion springs. Your torsion springs are what keep your garage door from just slamming down as they help the door defy gravity to open and close. The lifespan of a garage door spring is measured in garage door cycles, with the garage door going up and down one time considered a cycle. Most garage door springs are rated for about 10,000 cycles.

The life expectancy of a 10,000-cycle spring translates these estimates based on daily usage.

  • Two times daily should last about 13-14 years
  • Four times daily should last about 6-7 years
  • Six times daily should last about 4-5 years
  • Eight times daily should last about 3 years

The daily use of your garage door does not just affect the springs, but other parts as well, such as your garage door opener. The opener has a similar lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. This again is also determined in part to use and maintenance of the opener. Now, why do we mention parts other than the garage door? Because in order to get the most out of your garage door and extend its lifespan your garage door parts need to be regularly maintained as well. If you want to know more about getting the most out of your garage door, read our post, Extend the Life Of Your Garage Door

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