How to Have an Energy Efficient Garage

Every homeowner knows the cost of energy here in Houston is not going to go down, When you had the fact that making your home more energy efficient is good for the environment, there really is no excuse for every homeowner to make their home more energy-efficient. Regardless of where you stand on climate change, no one can really argue against saving money in the long run. One place where you can cut your energy cost is the garage. Here is how to have an energy efficient garage in Houston.

Insulate Your Garage Door and Walls.

It may not be the first thing you think of considering the garage door opens and closes. Yet, if you keep your garage door closed on a regular basis, (like you should for security), The summers will make it harder to cool your garage and intern the rest of your home down. This also goes for the winters here in Houston. The big freeze of 2020 was not that long ago. The bottom line is if your garage door and walls have insulation, the outside temperatures will have less of an effect on cooling or heating the garage and interior of your home, saving you money.

Weather Seal Your Garage Door.

Your garage door should seal to the garage floor and frame. This helps prevent hot or cold air from outside coming inside into the garage. One way to ensure this is making sure your use a good weather seal on your garage door. you have heating and cooling in the garage a tight weather seal will help lower your energy bills by insulating the garage and not letting cold or warm air escape through the gaps between the garage wall and the garage door. A garage door weather seal is made of sturdy pieces of vinyl that go around the top, bottom, and sides of the garage door. The tight fit seals any gaps that are left between the garage and the door and protects the interior of your garage.

Invest in Energy Efficient Garage Door Opener.

If your garage door opener is strained while opening the door then it means it is wasting energy. New garage door openers are designed with an energy-efficiency feature that helps you in lowering your energy bills without straining the opener.

“All the new Liftmasters are built with energy efficiency in mind. .” Says Mike, one of Spectrum Overhead Door LLC’s garage door experts.

Liftmaster 8550 and the Liftmaster 8160

Smooth Running Door.

As just mentioned, If your garage door opener is strained while opening the door then it means it is wasting energy. This not only goes for the opener but the door itself. Proper garage door maintenance to make sure it is running smoothly helps save on energy costs, as well as extends the life of your garage door and opener. Read 10 Tips for Garage Door maintenance.

Make a simple switch to LED Lights

This is the standard energy-saving tip that is applicable both for residential and commercial areas. LED Lights can save 30-80% of your energy bills and have a long life. Regardless of the number of lights you have in garage, switch them to energy efficient lights. These are little expensive from your CFLs but are worth investing if you don’t want to change the lights every now and then.

Unplug the unused appliances

If you have kept some spare appliances in your garage for emergency and have not used them for at least 3 months now, it could be a good idea to start planning and get rid of them. if you still want to keep them for some reason then at least unplug them so having a spare one is at least an efficient choice.

Reduce the clutter in the garage

It could be surprising but organizing things and reducing clutter in the garage can also have positive impact on energy efficiency. An unorganized garage attracts unwelcoming pests. These pests can destroy the insulation rods, chew the pipes and wires and gradually gain access to your home. Hence, it is important to keep your garage free from clutter and fix any leaks and cracks that could make your compromise on your comfort.

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