From garage door material to garage door openers, there are always new innovations in garage doors. We are going to look at two of those innovations in garage door technology, the Smart Garage Camera from Liftmaster and the Liftmaster garage door openers with an integrated camera.

The Smart Garage Camera™ conveniently adds live-streaming video to the Smart Access Ecosystem. Now, while it is true that garage door cameras are not exactly new, this one by Liftmaster is built for the MyQ app specifically. Until now, if you also wanted a camera in your garage to keep an eye on things, you had to shop elsewhere, which meant you needed to use a different app.

The built-in Wi-Fi® allows for smartphone control with myQ® App. This camera not only enables you to see what’s happening in the garage, but it also has two-way communication, so you chat with someone in the garage. The camera’s lens offers a wide 140-degree field of view and even has night vision. And if you are worried about this Houston heat, the cameras are designed to work from -4 degrees to 122 degrees.

These cameras come with a magnetic base so you can stick them right on the underside of your garage door opener. It does come with a complete mounting kit, and even though it is designed by Liftmaster, it can be used with any garage door opener.

If your garage door opener is getting old, this might be the time to replace it with the new line of garage door openers.  They come with the camera now built straight into the opener. As with the above the camera comes with live feed capabilities and can begin recording when motion is detected. The 1080p, glare-resistant, night vision lens auto-adjusts to light levels in the garage to allow you to capture anything and everything that passes through the garage. Optional 7-day and 30-day video storage is available via a monthly subscription. This LiftMaster Garage Door Opener works with Amazon Keys, which means you’ll get a notification when the delivery person opens your garage door

We like these new innovations for a few reasons. The myQ system in general works with the Amazon Key In-Garage delivery service, and both these new innovations will as well. The LiftMaster WI-FI Garage Door Opener with Integrated Camera bypasses the need to buy a separate camera, and integrate it with a separate app, making the process a lot more seamless. If you are concerned about security, these new camera services will make your garage more secure as the camera activates as soon as there it movement, as well allow you to speak with whoever is in your garage. And an added extra benefit you will not hear from most other garage door companies, more chances to catch and record those viral moments that could be uploaded later.

Innovations in garage door openers are coming along the way from the noise chain-driven clunkers of just 20 years ago. They now not only open your garage door but help keep you safe as well.

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