Maintain your electric garage door opener

Maintain your electric garage door opener

Automatic garage door openers are a significant investment for many homeowners. Despite being built to last, many automatic garage doors barely make it past a decade of use. Taking good care and learning how to maintain your electric garage door opener will spare you money in the long term.

Garage doors are often one of the largest moving items in a home, and when neglected, they can strain moving components, which can be costly to repair. While it’s okay to perform minor repairs on your own, it’s best to leave complicated repairs to qualified garage door technicians for garage door opener repair. Below is a guide you can follow when conducting garage door opener repair.

How to Maintain your electric garage door opener.

  1. Watch out for unusual sounds or movements in your garage doors.

Sometimes, faults in your automatic garage door opening mechanism may result in scraping or screeching sounds. A properly tuned garage door will move seamlessly along the rails and should be mostly quiet. Inspect each system component from the cabling to the pulleys and springs to ensure they are properly aligned.

  1. Confirm the garage door opener remote works

Remotes are often overlooked during routine maintenance checks. Dead batteries could be a reason why your garage door isn’t working. To confirm your remote is in good working condition, try pressing any button and check for flashes in the LED light. If the remote fails to activate the door opener or the LED fails to light up, it may be time to replace batteries or the remote altogether.

Inspect the antenna wires that stick out of the automatic garage door opener. The antenna should be intact and straight; bending or folding may affect the remote functionality.

  1. Test your garage door opener’s balance

An inappropriately balanced garage door will strain the automatic opening mechanism leading to more wear and tear. If neglected, the homeowner may incur hefty costs to repair or overhaul the opening mechanism. Follow the steps below when testing your door’s balance.

  • Pull the release handle to free the automatic opener.
  • Manually lift the garage door until it is about halfway open. If the door springs are in good condition, you should be able to lift the door without using too much force.
  • The door should hold its position without your help. However, if the garage door slides up or down, the springs may be worn out, leading to an imbalance of the garage door.
  • Spring repair or replacement is often a complex procedure that is best left to qualified garage door repair technicians.
  1. Test the auto-reverse safety feature

In 1993, the United States and Canada made it mandatory to include two reverse systems in automatic garage doors as a safety mechanism. The first system is contact-based, where the electric motor reverses the door is the bottom section hits an object or encounters physical resistance. The second reverse mechanism relies on a photoelectric mechanism consisting of an infrared emitting unit and a receiver. If an object blocks the infrared light as the garage door closes, the receiver signal the motor to stop and reverse the direction of the door.

It’s advisable to test the auto-reverse safety feature at least twice a year. Follow the steps below when testing this feature.

  • Place a piece of brick or wood underneath the garage door. If the reverse feature works properly, your garage door should automatically reverse upon contacting the object.
  • To inspect the photoelectric mechanism, stick out your leg as the door closes. The door should automatically reverse and slide upwards.
  • If you still have your instruction manual, you can follow the direction of adjusting the auto-reverse system. Call in a technician if the task is too daunting to attempt on your own.
  1. Inspect, replace and lubricate rollers

The rollers lie along the edges of the garage door, where they attach to the frame through hinges. Roller inspection should happen at least twice a year. Remove dust from any debris along the roller trail using a clean cloth. During the inspection, watch out for cracks or chips in the rollers. Replace faulty rollers by unhooking them from the brackets that hold them against the door. Avoid tampering with the bottom-most rollers because they are often under extreme tension.

Improve the roller condition by applying lubricant to minimize friction that leads to wear and tear. Lubricate all moving parts using a premium spray lubricant at least twice a year. Remember to lubricate the ball bearings contained in the rollers. Redistribute the grease evenly on the roller system by opening and closing the garage door several times.

  1. Inspect the cables and pulleys

The lift cabling and pulleys often attach to the bottom-most roller brackets on the garage door. Garage door mechanisms often have two springs: extension and torsion springs. Extension springs run horizontally on the upper portion of the garage door track. Torsion strings attach to a metal rod just above the garage door opening.

The pulleys and springs work together when lifting and lowering the garage door. During your inspection, watch out for any broken strands or damaged cables that need repair.

Professional help

Regular inspection and maintenance of your automatic garage door opener are crucial in preventing property damage and injury when operating the system. Protect your friends and family from harm by following the above steps for your garage door maintenance.

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