A wooden garage door can really make a statement for your home. It can add security and curb appeal, both aspects that can increase the value of your Houston area home. Yet, like anything else, it needs to be cared for and maintain. Otherwise, it can lead to costly repairs and serious safety concerns, including trapping your vehicle inside the garage or having the door come down on top of you or your vehicle. Here is how to maintain your wooden garage door on your Houston home so it keeps the look you want and the safety you need.

Refinishing or Resealing Your Garage Door

Houston area weather can be brutal to wood.  Between heat and humidity, it can damage or even rot outdoor wood. Your wooden garage door can even soak up a lot of that humidity, making the door weigh more. Wooden doors on their own can weigh more than 800lbs. The extra weight added by humidity and moister can damage your garage door springs, making the door unsafe to use.  Your best protection against this happening is to refinish or reseal your wooden garage door. In this Houston weather, we recommend resealing annually.

A penetrating oil-based wood stain is usually the best for constantly-moving garage doors because they are durable and won’t peel or crack the way a film finish would when exposed to frequent movement.

To apply the finish, you’ll want to start by cleaning the door thoroughly to remove any grime or debris and letting it dry completely. You can use a brush, roller or air-sprayer to apply the wood finish. Use the brush or roller to apply the stain in one coat with a and let dry for about 30 minutes. Finally, go back over the wood with a dry brush after about 30 minutes of drying time to remove any excess stain that hasn’t sunk into the wood

Keep it clean.

This is a simple one, but a step that too few homeowners take. Regular cleaning of your garage door is vital to ensure it will stay beautiful and wear well throughout the years. A buildup of moisture or dirt on your wood garage door can cause damage like warping and bending over time. Usually, water is sufficient, either via a hose or a light power-washing, but if dirt and stains have taken their toll, you might choose a cleanser that won’t harm either the finish or the wood underneath.

Inspect your garage door parts.

A wooden garage door can be harsh on garage door parts. Check your garage door tension springs for rust, breakage, and balance because the weight is harsh on moving parts.  Make sure your hinges are not cracking or tearing as it could affect the weight distribution of the garage door. Make sure your rollers are clear of debris and are working as they should.

Inspect the surface of your wooden garage door.

You will want to keep an eye out for pests.  From beetles to ants to the dreaded termites, there are many types of bugs that simply LOVE wooden garage doors and they seem them as a veritable feast. They can eat wood, build nests, and cause the door to rot. Look for little tunnels or holes in your garage door’s surface that could be caused by invading insects.

Speaking of holes and cracks you will also want to take care of any chips or pealing from your garage door wooden surface. Even the best wood finish will occasionally peel, so make sure you keep up with smoothing down the door, removing paint chips and using a paint scraper before applying another coat of finish.

Maintain your weather seal.

Here in Houston, we tend to get a lot of rain. In two years, Houston was hit by two major tropical systems. So, one thing that is just as important as refinishing your garage door is maintaining your weather seal at the bottom of your garage door. This prevents the bottom wood from rotting and becoming heavier by taking on moisture.

If and when the time comes, choose a quality maintenance/repair company.

Even if you follow all of the tips above, after a considerable amount of time and/or excessive wear and tear (or weather) even the most well taken care of garage door may need repair. Choosing a reputable Houston garage door repair company may be in order to fix any issues that have gotten out of hand.

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