Garage doors are an integral part of the home. For some homes, the door takes up a sizable portion of one part of the home’s exterior side. And even though garage door maintenance and repair can extend the life of your garage door, there will come a time when you ask yourself how do I know if I need a new garage door?

Average Lifespan of a Garage Door

The average lifespan of a garage door can vary greatly but usually fall between 15-30 years. Well-maintained aluminum garage doors can have lifespans of up to 30 years. Steel garage doors that are well maintained can also last 30 years. If you find yourself considering a new garage door, one of the first things to look at is age. If it’s over 30 years and has other issues, it’s probably best to replace the garage door.


Your garage door panels can be dented from all sorts of impacts, from a vehicle bumping the door to a tree limb to a basketball. There are two kinds of panel dents, cosmetic and structural. If your dent is more in the middle of the panel, way from the edges of each panel touch, then it is a cosmetic dent and it’s possible to fix that on your own. If the panel dent Is near the edge of the panel, that is a structural dent. Those can affect the way your garage door opens and closes. If you have one panel that is dented, you might be able to just replace that panel instead of the whole garage door. However, if two or more panels are damaged structurally, it might make sense just to replace the whole garage door. If you have had several cosmetic dents, these over the years can add up, weakening your garage door and dropping your home’s value at the same time.

Your Garage Door is Noisy

It is normal for garage doors to start making a bit more noise over time. Your door can creak and crack and groan open and closed. With some regular maintenance, this usually goes way. However, the older the garage door gets, the more it’s possible you are not going to stop the noise. If it has gotten to the point where it is really bothersome, then it’s time to consider a new garage door.

Broken Garage Door Parts

There are times that parts on your garage door are going to break, that includes rollers, hinges, handles and cables. This again kind of goes back to the age of your garage door. If it’s a newer installation, you probably should just replace the parts and you should be fine. However, older doors may have repeated parts breaking or being damaged. That is probably a sign you need a new garage door.


If you have an older garage door or a lightweight one where you are worried about someone breaking into your garage, it might be time to think of a new garage door. Older garage doors don’t have the high level of security that we see on new models today. Construction methods, materials, and features have evolved over time resulting in garage doors that have more security.

Change in Home Design

If you are looking to remodel your home to update the look or drive up its curb appeal, a new garage door can go a long way in helping you with that. There are many new styles and designs that have come out in just the last 5 years that could make your home look stunning.

Sometimes the answer the question of getting a new garage door is a simple one to answer, and sometimes it is not. If you live in the Houston area, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC has been installing new garage doors since 2006. We have won multiple awards in service because we believe every customer should be treated with dignity and respect. If you are on the fence about either getting a new garage door or repairing your garage door, contact us and we can set you up with a  free consultation.

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Garage Door AdviceHow Do I Know If I Need a New Garage Door?