Your garage door is not only a functional and convenient entry point to your home but also an important aesthetic element. To maintain its appearance and functionality, it’s crucial to prevent rust from developing on your garage door. A painted metal garage door is a forget-about-it kind of thing when it comes to rust and corrosion, yet that is not the case. Especially here in the Houston area where we have a combination of high humidity and saltwater air the closer you get to the coast or ship channel.  In this blog post, we will provide you with valuable tips to help you in preventing garage door rust and corrosion.

Tips on Preventing Rust on Your Garage Door

Regular Cleaning and Inspection

One of the best ways to prevent rust on your door is to clean your garage door and then inspect for cracks or chips in the paint. In order to do so, follow these steps:

  • Gather Supplies: Grab a bucket of warm water, mild detergent or dish soap, a soft brush or sponge, and a garden hose.
  • Clean the Door: Dilute the mild detergent or dish soap in the bucket of warm water and use it to gently scrub the garage door. Pay close attention to areas that accumulate dirt or debris, such as hinges, handles, and bottom edges. Rinse the door thoroughly with a garden hose.
  • Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning, use a soft cloth or towel to dry the door completely, paying special attention to any areas where water tends to accumulate.
  • Inspect for Damage: While cleaning, inspect the door for signs of rust or damage. Look for areas where the paint may have chipped or where the protective coating has worn off. Promptly address any issues to prevent rust from spreading.

Getting Rid Of Current Rust

If you find rust in your inspection, you have a few options. If the rust is really bad but only on one or two panels, you can replace the panel instead of replacing the whole door. If the rust is superficial you can remove the rust.  It’s important to remove all of the rust so it does not spread and stop the oxidization process for good. 

  • Thoroughly wipe down all of your garage door rust with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. 
  • Once you’ve removed all the rust that you can with a cloth, it’s time to go over the rusted areas with a steel wool pad.

Repaint Your Garage Door

A fresh coat of paint not only enhances the visual appeal of your garage door but also provides an added layer of protection against rust. Follow these guidelines:

  • Prepare the Surface: Use sandpaper or a wire brush to remove any loose paint or rust from the door. Smooth out the surface, ensuring there are no rough edges.
  • Apply Rust-Inhibiting Primer: Use a rust-inhibiting primer suitable for your garage door material (steel or aluminum) to create a smooth and uniform surface for paint application. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and drying times.
  • Paint the Door: Choose a high-quality exterior paint designed for metal surfaces and apply it evenly to the primed surface. Apply multiple thin coats for optimal coverage. Ensure the paint is completely dry before exposing the door to moisture or harsh weather conditions.

Check Your Weatherstripping

Inspect the door for any gaps, cracks, or damaged weatherstripping. Repair or replace them to prevent water and moisture from seeping into the door and causing rust.

Watch What You Store in Your Garage

In truth, everything said up till now really is common sense advice. Yet the one not really found or talked about much that can cause rust and corrosion of your garage door and garage door part is what you store in your garage. More specifically talking about things like pool cleaner chemicals. Pool chemicals should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Garages are generally not the best place to store pool chemicals unless they are locked in a storage bin or cabinet. Oxidizers and strong acids corrode metal and can cause heavy rusting of anything metal in your garage, including the garage door itself. 


Preventing rust on your garage door requires consistent maintenance and proactive measures. By following the tips you can ensure that your garage door remains rust-free and in optimal condition for years to come. If rust has gotten to your garage door in Houston, Spectrum Overhead Door has been repairing and replacing garage doors since 2006. Give us a call at 281-748-9542 and book your free estimate today!


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