Buying a garage door is a big investment for your Houston area home. Your garage door updates the look of your home, as well as provides security to your home. Because buying a garage door is so important, there are some things you want to know about the door and about how the garage door company handles the transaction and garage door installation. This because even more important to know if you are getting a custom garage door. With that in mind, here are some questions to ask when buying a garage door.

Ask About Money.

One of the key things you want to find out is how is the transaction handled. If you call a garage door company and talk to their sales team, you will want to find out if there is a deposit or if all the money is paid upfront or upon completion?

Ask About Garage Door Labor and Installation.

When talking to a garage door company to order a new door, they more than likely will want to install the door themselves (it is the better way to go than doing it yourself). This means labor and installation costs. You will want to ask if I have you install it for me, how much will labor and installation be on top of buying a new door?

Ask About the Parts and Labor Warranty.

Different garage door installation companies in Houston offer different warranties. There are some that offer a warranty just on parts, some offer parts and labor warranty. Here at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC, we offer two-year parts and labor warranty on the garage doors we install. So, when you call a garage door company, ask what are your installation and parts warranties? Also ask if there is a manufacturer warranty.

Ask About Availability, Shipping, and Delivery.

Not all garage door companies carry garage doors in stock. Add in the fact you may want a custom garage door. So, you will want to ask, if you do not have this in stock, when can it be shipped and what are the shipping costs?

Ask About Liability insurance.

When an installation company comes to install your garage door, anything can happen, such as a slip and fall. A good garage door company will have liability coverage, so they cover the cost of any medical issues that arise from the installation instead of you. Ask, do you have liability insurance?

Ask About Issue Resolution.

There might be an instance where the garage door installer has left, and the door comes off the hinge the next day. Or if you ordered a white aluminum garage door and come home to an almond one instead. Things happen. The good question is, how does that garage door company resolve those issues? It’s best to know beforehand. So, a good question would be, if something was not done right or I did not receive what I asked for, how do you resolve that?

Lesser-known questions to ask.

The questions above are ones that many homeowners know but may forget to ask. Yet if you really want to get the most out of your new garage door installations, check out these advanced questions that may help you get the most out of your order

Metal Door.

If you’re ordering a metal door, you will want to find out what gauge steel the door is. If you’re replacing a metal garage door, you’re going to want something similar to what you have. The lower the number, the heavier the door will be, 25 gauge is standard and 24 is a bit heavier.


If you’re having a new garage door installed, more than likely your new installation will come with garage door rollers. You will want to ask if it comes with nylon or steel rollers. Pro tip: Nylon rollers are quieter.

Garage Door Springs.

Garage doors are lifted up and stay lifted by garage door springs. You may want to find out if the door your ordering will need just one spring or will need to have two springs (as the case is in a lot of wooden doors).

Garage Door Tracks.

Just like with rollers, your new installation will probably come with a garage door track. This is what the rollers set into. You will want to find out if the track has a rolled edge or a straight edge. Rolled edges are much safer as there is not an edge to cut someone on.

Garage Door Hinges.

Not all garage door hinges are the same. When you purchase your new garage door, you will want to ask, are they thin gauge hinges or wider? The wider ones are stronger and will last longer.

Use these questions when ordering a new garage door and you should get the most out of your order from a company you can trust. If you are in the Houston area and need a new garage door, call Spectrum Overhead Door LLC at 281-748-9542 and ask us these questions. We will be delighted to answer these and any other questions you may have so you get the most out of your new garage door.

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