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Garage doors have moving parts and are exposed to Houston heat, cold and storms causing damage to your garage door. People and other elements that can cause the garage door to malfunction, such as roll only half way up and jam, become dented or even fall when they are not supposed to. When this happens, you could be faced with the tough question of should you repair or replace your garage door? We have put together some answers and considerations that should help you with that question.

How to make a decision for repair or replacement of garage door unit?

Age Of the Garage Door

Like anything else, things wear down and get more costly the older they get. This is also the case for garage doors. 1-2 years old is usually covered under warranty. Almost nothing usually breaks down within the first 5 years. From 10-15 years, parts can start to wear down. When approaching 15 years and older, the springs and parts can get harder to find and more expensive. When it starts to seem like it will cost more to repair than to replace your garage door, the best thing to do is just to go ahead and replace.

Cosmetic damage:

One of the most common types of damage for garage door units is a cracked panel. Chipped paint or fading issue. Although these issues do not interfere with the normal functioning of your garage door unit, it just affects the appeal and appearance. The prime reasons behind cosmetic damage are aging, adverse weather conditions and the occasional impact on the garage door. In general, this type of damage can be repaired at low cost, but as stated before, if your garage door is inching its way to 15 years of its life or more, your Houston garage door experts here at Spectrum Overhead recommend replacing the unit. It just makes sense as you are probably going to have to replace the door anyways soon, and you do not want twice the cost.

Structural damage:

The most common example of structural damage is a warped door, and in most cases, it is caused by extreme temperature or severe weather conditions like Houston summers. With your garage door warping, your door may perform it’s operating normally. Depending on how bad the warpage is, it could better to find a replacement for this unit. One replaces the old wooden door with the latest steel door models; they are designed to prevent the rusting issue. However, if you are still in love with the wooden look, it is better to look for the composite doors that have steel cores and wooden cladding.


In case if your garage door is making too much noise or operating slowly than its usual speed, the final decision about whether to replace or repair will depend on the level of problem. In case if the problem can be solved with repair by investing a reasonable amount, it is better to choose that; however, if the cost of repair goes beyond the threshold, you can go ahead with the replacement. The professionals at Houston Garage Door repair company can help you make a better decision about it.

Energy Efficiency

Your garage is one big space that can be a barrier between your home and that Houston, TX heat. Yet if you have an older, non-isulated garage door, or cracks in the door, garage door window or weather stripping, more of that hot air is getting into your garage and making your AC work harder to cool your home. This is especially important if you happen to have a bedroom or other room above your garage. Builders of many older homes were more aggressive in installing insulation within the shared wall between a garage and the rest of the house, but not the ceiling – especially above a garage. If you are looking at ways to cut your energy costs, replacing your old garage door with an energy-efficient door, you will immediately discover that your room above the garage is far more comfortable in both the hottest and coldest months.

No matter whether you need to repair or replace your garage door, your local Houston garage door experts at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can help you to make an easy selection for the best possible solution to your damaged garage door. The well qualified and trained staff make sure that the job is completed on time and at a competitive rate.

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