If you are building a new house, or remodeling your current one, and looking to improve upon or build a garage, the size of your garage and garage door is an important choice. Yet, what are the standard garage door sizes and considerations for those sizes you may ask? Your standard residential garage doors come in 2 sizes, 8 foot by 7 foot and 16 foot by 7 foot. In certain areas, your building codes or HOA requirements may dictate what you can use, both in size and type. Yet there are other factors too when choosing which size to use.

What factors go into choosing a garage door size?

The first, and probably most obvious factor in choosing the size is if you already have one and are just looking to replace it. If this is the case, then you’re most likely going to go with the size you already have in place. There are exceptions, however. For example, perhaps you want a single large double garage door, rather than two single garage doors. Another exception is if you are remodeling your home and are looking to expand your garage. If this is the case, you may have more size choices than you previously did.

Another factor on what size door to use is the garage size and the size of the opening. On new builds, the size of the opening, as well as the garage size, maybe something you get to dictate from the start. If you are remodeling though, this can be a more limiting factor depending on the size of your garage. You’re not going to put a 16-foot door on a 10-foot garage. But don’t just go on the size of the garage alone. You always want to measure your current garage door (if you have one) or the opening. If it fits the standard measurements, then you will be able to buy any standard garage door. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to have garage doors made to fit your home. You can also adjust the openings to fit a standard door too, depending on your needs, budget, and time.

Your vehicle situation, both current and possible future scenarios should be a consideration as well. You will need to be able to get your vehicles in and out without busting your side mirrors. If you have a bigger vehicle like an SUV, even if you have only one, but have a standard two-car garage, it may be a better route to get a 16-foot door instead of 2 8-foot doors.

One thing to remember is you can do custom garage doors if the standard sizes just do not fit your needs. If you are going custom, don’t forget considerations like the material the door is made from. Steel and aluminum are common garage door materials and can be durable and low maintenance. The downside is they can easily dent as well. Wooden garage doors are a great option if you are going custom, as they give warmth and style to your home. The downside is they do need a bit more maintenance.

Whichever garage door size you need, from standard to custom, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC in Houston will help you choose and install the right garage door for your situation. Spectrum Overhead Door LLC has been installing garage doors in Houston and the Houston metro area since 2006 and has been awarded for excellence in customer service by both Angie’s List and Best Pic Reports.

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