If you looking to improve your home, whether to increase the value of your home or improve the functionality, you may look into garage door replacement services. Garage doors can take up to 40% of the façade of your home, affect the energy cost and increase your home’s security. So here are Top 5 reasons to invest in garage door replacement services (besides the fact you may be tired of your old garage door).

  • Update the look of your home.
  • Increase Your home’s security.
  • Save on your energy costs.
  • Save you money on your taxes.
  • It’s an investment in your home’s value.

Reasons to Invest in Garage Door Replacement Services.

Updates the look of your home.

Let’s be honest, if you have a 20-year-old garage door, no matter how much maintenance you have put into the door, chances are it is going to look a little dull, worn, maybe even have a chip or two and be an outdated design. Garage doors designs and materials have come a long way in 20 years. Out of the many ways to update the look of your home, garage door replacement is actually one of the more inexpensive ways to do so. You can give your home an entirely new look with a modern garage door that will provide plenty of additional benefits for a fraction of the cost of new coat of exterior paint or new landscaping.

In order for the new garage door to complement the exterior of your home, there are a few things to consider. You are going to want to choose a look and paint color that matches or compliments the exterior paint. You may want to consider decorative details like handles and hinges. Also, consider garage door material and finish as well. Wooden garage doors can add a great amount of warmth and charm but can be on the more expensive side and require more maintenance than say a steel door. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t crack, warp or degrade from weather exposure.

Increase your home’s security.

In a survey done by the  International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc  9% of home burglary offenses were started in the garage. If you have an older garage door, you could be risking your home’s security. Older garage doors may have outdated technology. It’s possible that someone else has a garage door opener with the same frequency as yours and can break into your home. Also, if you’re your garage door does not close properly to the ground creating a seal, all it takes is someone with tools like a crowbar to get into the garage. The same could be said if you have a garage door that has been dented several times, compromising the structural integrity of the garage door.

Newer garage door openers by Liftmaster has technology that alerts when the door has been opened through their MyIQ app. The smartphone app also let homeowners control their garage doors remotely.

Save on your energy costs.

Houston can get hot in the summer, and we do have a small winter when it gets cold as well. Attached garages can be a primary cause of heat gain and loss due to being the largest opening to your home with the greatest potential to allow hot or cold air to enter. Older garage doors may not be insulated or sealed properly. By insulating your garage walls and installing an energy-efficient garage door, you can save on energy bills.

Save you money on your taxes.

A new insulated garage door could save you on taxes by qualifying for tax credits. Beginning in 2016, exterior doors, exterior windows, and skylights will only be eligible for the nonbusiness energy property credit if they meet or exceed the specific requirements of the version 6.0 Energy Star program. The IRS does not make a distinction according to where the exterior door is located (house or garage). That means insulated garage doors could qualify and 10% of the cost, up to $500 could be eligible. If you meet the eligibility criteria above, you must file IRS form 5695.

It’s an investment in your home’s value.

In, Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 “Cost vs. Value” trend report released earlier this year a fresh new garage door provides a whopping 97.5% return on its cost in terms of additional home resale value. The annual Cost vs. Value Trend Report ranks 22 different remodeling projects in 136 U.S. markets. Once again this year, garage doors are in the very top tier of investment payback, outpacing other popular projects such as roofing replacement, new windows, and even kitchen or bathroom remodels. And when you think about the other projects just mentioned, garage door replacement can be so much easier and simpler than other projects that can be done to improve your home.

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