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Your garage door opener is a piece of technology and machinery that give you a modern-day convenience. Mounted on the ceiling or wall of your garage, it is extremely responsive at just the push of a button to open or close your garage door at your whim. Like a smartphone, you don’t really think about its operation until it doesn’t act the way it should. Even the most reliable garage door openers can eventually break or wear out.

Here are some signs that your garage door opener has opened its last garage and needs to be replaced:

  • Your garage door opens, then immediately reverses direction – If you push the button and the garage door begins to open and then completely reverses direction, this could have a simple explanation. If the sensors are blocked, dirty, or an object is in the way, this could be the root cause. However, if your garage door continues to act this way despite repeated attempts to clear the sensors and area of debris, it may be time to look at replacing the opener.
  • The garage door opens and begins vibrating – A little vibration during opening or closing is normal, but if your opener begins vibrating violently when in operation, this could be a sign of a serious internal problem that should be checked out immediately.
  • You start hearing the opener make weird noises – In addition to vibrating, if the opener suddenly begins making noises you have never heard before, it might be time for a service call or a complete replacement. The existence of a noise you are unfamiliar with is almost always indicative of some type of internal problem so if you begin hearing something you have never heard before, take action immediately. If you catch the issue in time, a simple repair versus a replacement may be in order. Older chain-driven models are certainly much noisier and the noise could be from a rusty chain-driven opener. Newer garage door openers are belt driven and are generally much quieter but any new noise that you do not recognize should be investigated immediately.
  • The garage door opener doesn’t always work or stops working completely – You push the button…nothing. You push it again, still nothing. Then, a 3rd time, and finally the garage door opens. This is a common occurrence and can often the result of bad batteries (if you are using your handheld garage door opener fob), or simply a poor connection in one of the wires somewhere. A simple diagnosis can often uncover the problem and get your garage door opener working perfectly again. But, if you have tried everything and the garage door is still unresponsive, the motor may have seen its last day and the time to replace has finally come.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, the Houston garage door repair experts at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can diagnose your garage door opener problem and see if it is best to replace or just repair your opener motor. The greater Houston area is the only market we serve because our company is locally owned and operated.  Visit us anytime at our office location: 11020 Katy Freeway #116 Houston, TX 77043. Call us today for speedy same day service!

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