Garage Door Service Discounts

Mar 19, 2020

These are especially trying times that we are living in. The emotional and financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, aka Corona Virus, will not be fully realized for quite some time from now. Meanwhile, life in our Houston and surrounding communities must go on. When items in our home break, and are in need of repair or replacement, it always seems to be at the worst times. 

Spectrum Overhead Door LLC is offering the following discounts on top of our already low and competitive prices. We want to do our part in keeping our local community strong. We sincerely pray that you and your family will remain safe and remain optimistic during this difficult season of life.

NOTE- the following are promotional discounts to gain new business, and cannot be used on top of verbal or written estimates already agreed upon over the phone, or in person. Thank you for your understanding!


“We must accept finite disappointment, but we never lose INFINITE HOPE.”       -Martin Luther King

Garage Door Service Discounts