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*Dented, Torn, or Bent Garage Door Panels

Are your garage door panels dented, torn, or bent? Damage to a panel will get worse and worse over time. Eventually, the door will begin to sag severely when it goes over head. This will cause the door to get hung up, or resist closing altogether. Forcing it closed will usually result in the rollers coming out of the track and the door to go crooked.

strut brace Houston TX

If you have slight damage to your garage door panels, usually one or two strut braces will do the trick. The strut brace is actually a good long term solution to panel damage. If you catch the problem early enough, we will be able to make a repair on your door, without the added cost of replacing garage door panels. Our experienced repair techs will be happy to advise you on the best course of action. If you need a completely new garage door, we can install it for you as well. Call for an appointment today, anywhere in the Greater Houston area. Our on site estimates are always free!

REPLACE ALL FOUR PANELS: Restore Your Door’s Beauty and Functionality

If you have a couple of panels that are dented in, instead of buying a whole new garage door, save money by getting all-new panels instead!  Spectrum Overhead Door specializes in full four-panel garage door replacements while keeping your existing hardware intact. With our service, you can enjoy a fully restored and aesthetically pleasing garage door without the hassle of multiple repairs.  Though it may be tempting to just replace one or two panels, here’s why opting for a complete panel replacement is the most cost-effective solution in the long run.


All Same Manufacturer for Guaranteed Consistency

When it comes to replacing your garage door panels, we understand the importance of maintaining consistency throughout the door’s design. That’s why we ensure that all four panels we install are from the same manufacturer as your original door. This commitment guarantees a seamless match, not only in terms of size and shape but also in the overall design and style.


Guaranteed Paint Match for a Flawless Appearance

Replacing only one or two panels of your garage door may seem like a quick fix, but it often results in a noticeable mismatch. The reason is that over time, exposure to the elements can cause your existing panels to fade or change color slightly. By replacing all four panels simultaneously, we guarantee an exact paint match that will restore your garage door’s original appearance. Say goodbye to unsightly patches or inconsistent shades!


Avoiding Mismatched Garage Door Panels

When you replace individual panels on your garage door, especially if they have aged or weathered, it’s challenging to find an exact match. Even if the dimensions seem identical, the slight variations in design, color, and texture can create an obvious contrast between the old and new panels. By opting for a comprehensive four-panel replacement, you eliminate this problem entirely, ensuring a consistent look across your entire door.


Labor Efficiency for Long-Term Cost Savings

Choosing to replace all four garage door panels at once offers more than just visual consistency. It also provides a cost-effective solution by reducing labor requirements. Instead of scheduling multiple repair visits for individual panel replacements, our expert technicians will complete the entire panel swap in a single visit. This efficiency not only saves you time and hassle but also results in lower overall labor costs compared to multiple visits for partial panel replacements.

If it is time to replace your garage door panels, we can tackle the job and save you money.

Mid-America is commonly the garage door panels we install. We also use CHI manufactured panels as well for higher-end looking garage doors. In most cases we can perform a panel swap the very same day of your call. Please provide us with the color of your garage door (usually white or almond), and be prepared to send us a picture if required. You can text a picture to 281-748-9542, or email


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Finding the Perfect Panel Match for Your Garage Door in Houston


Need just one or two panels replaced? We commonly use either Mid-Amercia or CHI garage door panels, depending on the door you currently have. If your door is 10 years old or older, there is a very good chance that your make and model of door panel has been discontinued. Panels must be matched by make and model. The exterior design, although similar, is usually not a match. Also, the door panels need to be able to fit into each other so that they pivot smoothly and don’t make a popping noise, or cause a visible gap between the panels. We will always try to replace the single panels by request. Call Spectrum Overhead Door LLC at 281-748-9542 today to book an appointment for garage door panel replacement anywhere in the greater Houston area.


We coordinate with our talented contractor to safely and cleanly frame your opening as needed.

Enjoy the convenience of the added space to finally park two vehicles in your garage.


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Our Houston location at 11202 Katy Fwy #116b, Houston, TX  services Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Cypress, Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, and Pecan Grove -Richmond.  If you live on the East side of Houston, Check out our Spectrum Overhead Door Channelview Location for coverage.

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Travis grew up in the Northwest, enjoying fishing with his dad and playing sports with his brother and neighborhood friends. He has enjoyed singing, writing songs, and playing the trumpet for his local church. In high school he excelled at playing…                                            [Repair Techs Contd]



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Cory is a Houston native. He is the service manager at Spectrum Overhead Door, and is well known to be a team player. No doubt, he learned some of his great qualities growing up playing soccer, football, and running track. Back then he was known as “Sticks”…                    [Repair Techs Contd]



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Cece has lived in Houston all her life. She has great memories spending time with her father fishing for bass, perch, and catfish. When she was younger she enjoyed competing on a dance team and playing volleyball. Like many of us, Cece was excited to get her…                                       [Repair Techs Contd]



Field Technician

David was born and raised in the Houston area. He enjoyed playing football in high school playing both wide receiver and defensive end. His work experience includes laying tile, general construction, and working at an automotive repair shop. He has…                                      [Repair Techs Contd]



Field Technician

Daniel is both a war veteran and a veteran in the garage door industry. He served his country well, and for many years. He loves chatting with others and will always slip in interesting stories of his past experiences. Daniel is well liked by customers and co-workers…                   [Repair Techs Contd]

The installer was prompt and thorough. Also detected maintenance needed. Was able to do that work same day for a reasonable price. Garage door is now working well. Would absolutely recommend.

 -Google Reviews

Jennifer Wingard

I called and spoke to Mike and explained what was going on with my car garage door opener. After explaining, Mike was able to determine that it must be the car opener was causing the problem. He could of taken advantage of me and scheduled an appointment costing me money..After securing a new opener, the problem was resolved. I definitely appreciated Mike’s action. This company provided GREAT customer service and will definitely be my go to in the future. THANK YOU!!!!!

 -Google Reviews

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