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Should I Replace my Garage Door?

Should I Replace my Garage Door?

If you have lived in your home for a while here in Houston, you know that the weather can be brutal to the outside of your home, including your garage door. Your garage door probably gets regularly used ( most Houstonians anyway) which means the door takes on daily wear as well as any accidental bumps and dings along the way. After some years, you may be asking yourself, should I replace my garage door?

When it comes to deciding should you replace your garage door, there are some things to consider.


  • Age: Generally Replace After 10-15 Years.
  • Cosmetic Damage: How bad is the damage like chipped paint or cracked panel.
  • Structural Damage: If it has a bad warp to the door, it’s time to replace it.
  • Functionality and Cost: If the door is too slow or not opening all the way, does the cost of repair get higher than replacing it?
  • Energy Efficiency: One way to save money on energy bills is to install garage doors with insulation.

Considerations in Replacing Your Old Garage Door

Age Of the Garage Door

Like anything else, things wear down and get more costly the older they get. This is also the case for garage doors. 1-2 years old are usually covered under warranty. Almost nothing usually breaks down within the first 5 years. From 10-15 years, parts can start to wear down. When approaching 15 years and older, the springs and parts can get harder to find and more expensive. When it starts to seem like it will cost more to repair than to replace your garage door, the best thing to do is just to go ahead and replace it.

Cosmetic damage.

One of the most common types of damage for garage door units is a cracked panel. If it’s just one panel that is damaged, you could just repair the garage door panel instead of buying a new door. However, if it’s more than one panel then it may be worth investing in a new door.

Another issue is chipped paint and fading. Fading does not interfere with the normal functioning of your garage door unit, it just affects the appeal and appearance. Chipped paint however, could expose the metal underneath and allow the door to rust. The prime reasons behind cosmetic damage are aging, adverse weather conditions, and the occasional impact on the garage door. In general, this type of damage can be repaired at a low cost, but as stated before, if your garage door is inching its way to 15 years of its life or more, your Houston garage door experts here at Spectrum Overhead recommend replacing the garage door. It just makes sense as you are probably going to have to replace the door anyways soon, and you do not want twice the cost.

Structural damage.

The most common example of structural damage is a warped door, and in most cases, it is caused by extreme temperature or severe weather conditions like Houston summers. With your garage door warping, your door may perform it’s operating normally. Depending on how bad the warpage is, it could be better to find a replacement for this unit. One replaces the old wooden door with the latest steel door models; they are designed to prevent the rusting issue. However, if you are still in love with the wooden look, it is better to look for composite doors that have steel cores and wooden overlays.


In case if your garage door is making too much noise or operating slowly than its usual speed, the decision about whether to replace your garage door will depend on the level of the problem. In case if the problem can be solved with repair by investing a reasonable amount, it is better to choose that; however, if the cost of repair goes beyond the threshold, you can go ahead with the replacement. The professionals at Houston Garage Door repair company can help you make a better decision about it.

Energy Efficiency.

Your garage is one big space that can be a barrier between your home and that Houston, TX heat. Yet if you have an older, non-insulated garage door, or cracks in the door, garage door window or weather stripping, more of that hot air is getting into your garage and making your AC work harder to cool your home. This is especially important if you happen to have a bedroom or other room above your garage. Builders of many older homes were more aggressive in installing insulation within the shared wall between a garage and the rest of the house, but not the ceiling – especially above a garage. If you are looking at ways to cut your energy costs, replacing your old garage door with an energy-efficient door, you will immediately discover that your room above the garage is far more comfortable in both the hottest and coldest months.

If you are in the Houston or surrounding area, we provide a free consultation and estimate on door installation or garage door repair. Spectrum Overhead Door has been providing the Houston area with award-winning garage door installation service since 2006.  Call 281-748-9542 or our East Houston office 713-557-3407 to schedule an appointment today!

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Comparing Wooden and steel Garage Doors

Comparing Wooden and steel Garage Doors

Whether buying a new home or renovating an existing one, a garage door has significant importance in both the look and the feel of the home.  There are two common types of garage door material, wooden and steel. Both have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to these two different types of garage doors. But first, let’s look at what you need to consider when comparing wooden and steel garage doors.

What you want to consider.

There are three important things that buyers need to consider while buying a new garage door:

  • The life expectancy of the material.
  • The frequency of usage.
  • Desired annual maintenance routines.
  • What kind of design choices do I want?
  • And especially in Houston where temperatures can get high, the energy costs

Comparing Wooden and steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors:

Steel garage doors are observed to be versatile in terms of design, insulation, and price as well. They are likely to serve you for the long run with durable, economical and energy-efficient performance. Moreover, they ensure silent operation; it means they are not gone disturb the entire family or neighbors when you need to ride your vehicle in the middle of the night. These doors can be painted in any color to meet their exterior décor of the home.

When it comes to installation, a steel door is easier to install than a wooden one because it is lighter. Therefore, it is easier to lift when installing.

You also have the choice of manual or automatic doors. With a wooden door, automatic door openers are a necessity because you can be hurt if the counterbalances become out of sync.

Steel overhead doors do not sag with time; you can expect efficient and reliable operation for years after installation. The steel doors do not suffer warp or crack due to weather changes; they are easier to maintain over wooden garage doors.

Steel garage door does not offer the same type of insulation for your garage as a wooden door does. If you consider, a wooden door is like having a thickness of a solid wall, where steel garage doors are thinner. That also means they are less secure as well.


  • Weather resistant design.
  • Demand the least maintenance efforts.
  • Efficient performance.
  • More affordable
  • choice of manual or automatic doors


  • They may suffer fading and denting over time.
  • Less insulation
  • Less secure

Wood garage doors:

The outstanding appeal and ultimate craftsmanship of wood garage door make them stand ahead among several competitors in the market. People love to install them for their added warmth and natural look. They are the best choice to complement the unique architectural style of the property. Those who are looking for curb appeal, detail, charm, and easy customization options are advised to choose wooden garage doors. They are currently available in both, stain grade and paint options.

Wooden garage doors are heavy, solid and thick as well. Their natural strength makes them last longer; however, they may need time to time maintenance.  The wooden garage door will need to be Kept treated ever 1 to 2 years. If not they can take on water and swell, causing the garage door to take on more weight. More weight can lead to the door malfunctioning or becoming a hazard of falling on someone. opener maintenance and reduce the risk, yet that can still be an added extra cost over the steel garage doors.


  • Higher strength.
  • Better security.
  • Improved durability.


  • Need regular maintenance.
  • May suffer cracking, warping and rotting.
  • Have to have an automatic opener.

If you need further advice on choosing between the benefits of a wood door or a steel garage door, or you’re not sure if one of the alternatives are right for you, Spectrum Overhead Door can help. Give us a call at 281-748-9542 or 713-557-3407  and we’ll go over your garage door situation and go through the pros and cons with you. If you are ready for us to come down and install it your garage door, we service the Houston area. Contact us today for a free estimate or to request a garage door installation service.

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Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Your garage door opener is a reliable piece of machinery that drives the springs and cables to open and close your garage door. Yet, no matter how reliable that piece of machinery is, all machines break down and need to be replaced. Now if your opener quits working altogether, that is a sure sign you need a new garage door opener installed. Yet sometimes your opener has issues or problems that are indicative of it needing to be replaced that can be overlooked. Here are some common garage door opener problems that might mean you need to replace your opener.

Your garage door opens, then immediately reverses direction.

If you push the button and the garage door begins to open and then completely reverses direction, this could have a simple explanation. If the sensors are blocked, dirty, or an object is in the way, this could be the root cause. However, if your garage door continues to act this way despite repeated attempts to clear the sensors and area of debris, it may be time to look at replacing the opener.

The garage door opens and begins vibrating.

A little vibration during opening or closing is normal, but if your opener begins vibrating violently when in operation, this could be a sign of a serious internal problem that should be checked out immediately.

You start hearing the opener make weird noises.

In addition to vibrating, if the opener suddenly begins making noises you have never heard before, it might be time for a service call or a complete replacement. The existence of a noise you are unfamiliar with is almost always indicative of some type of internal problem so if you begin hearing something you have never heard before, take action immediately. If you catch the issue in time, a simple repair versus a replacement may be in order. Older chain-driven models are certainly much noisier and the noise could be from a rusty chain-driven opener. Newer garage door openers are belt-driven and are generally much quieter but any new noise that you do not recognize should be investigated immediately.

The garage door opener doesn’t always work. 

You push the button…nothing. You push it again, still nothing. Then, a third time, and finally the garage door opens. This is a common occurrence and can often caused by bad batteries (if you are using your handheld garage door opener fob), or simply a poor connection in one of the wires somewhere. A simple diagnosis can often uncover the problem and get your garage door opener working perfectly again. But, if you have tried everything and the garage door is still unresponsive, the motor may have seen its last day and the time to replace has finally come.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, the Houston garage door repair experts at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can diagnose your garage door opener problem and see if it is best to replace or just repair your opener motor. The greater Houston area is the only market we serve because our company is locally owned and operated.  We have two office locations: 11020 Katy Freeway #116b Houston, TX 77043 in which the number is  281-748-9542, and 16023 East Fwy #11
Channelview TX, 77530 in which the number is 713-557-3407. Call us at either location or come by and we can schedule you an appointment to repair or replace your garage door opener motor. Same-day appointments are available!

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Why My Garage Door Won’t Close

Why My Garage Door Won’t Close

Having your garage door not closing or not closing all the way is something you should not put off fixing. Beyond it possibly causing trouble getting your vehicles in and out of the garage,  It can pose a real safety issue.  Both in whether it will decide to fall unexpectedly or leaving your garage open for robbery. It can also cause issues with your energy costs, as more of that Houston hot air gets into the garage and closer to the interior of the home. Yet in order to fix the issues, you first have to find out “why my garage door won’t close? ”

To find out why your garage door won’t close, there are a few things you need to check. We have put together a few common reasons to why your garage door won’t close. The issues found below are common and can be easily fixed yourself.

Issues With Garage Door Safety sensors.

Sensors Are Misaligned.

If the door goes up normally, but it doesn’t come down; there is likely some issue with the sensors. Note that the garage doors have a safety sensor on both sides, and they are usually designed with a special lighting mechanism. Make sure that the lights for both sensors are on while closing the door. If the sensors show some blinking lights, it means that it is sending the wrong signal to the opener about the alignment. In order to fix the issue, you can simply push against the metal bracket, and when the lights come back to solid, the opener should work accurately.

If you have installed a heavier garage door, the unwanted vibrations may also disturb the alignment, and in this case, you may need to tighten the screws to fix it.

Clean Your Garage Door Sensors.

Those who have a bad habit of keeping their garage door open even when not necessary may suffer this issue more often. It is because a variety of things like pollens, water droplets, and dust, etc. may settle on the sensor due to the wind. In this case, you may need to clean the sensor to prevent the issue.

Issues With Garage Door Opener.

Door travel adjustment:

When the door is closed, the weather stripping on the bottom part must make perfect contact with the ground. If this is not the case, you may need to adjust the opener. Note that the opener casing hides two adjustment knobs that decide the distance between the door and the ground level. You need to adjust them so that the door touches the floor properly. But never adjust it too far; otherwise, it may cause too much strain on the opener.

Issues With Garage Door Hardware.

Damaged binding tracks or gear:

If your garage door is making grinding sounds during operation, but the door is not moving accurately, the chances are that the opener gear is broken. You can fix it by just following the simple instructions in the manual. Another reason for improper door movement is a misalignment of the side-tracks. Chances are, one of them is slanted towards the garage door, causing hindrance to the normal operation. This issue can be adjusted with the help of a screwdriver and wrench.

If the issue you are having is not a simple DIY fix, you can get help from the Houston Garage Door Repair Experts Spectrum Overhead Door LLC. For over 15 years, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC has been the go-to for Houston area garage door repair, giving fast, same-day garage door repair.

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Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage doors are a great convenience, especially when you want to keep things out of sight such as your vehicles. Yet garage doors are also like a big front door. If you do not secure your door, there can be some big problems as garage doors can look inviting to a thief. Here are some garage door safety tips to keep your garage, vehicles, and home safe.

Inspect your Garage Door.

From time to time you should inspect your garage door. Look for gaps between the window and the frame of your garage door. You also want to look for gaps between the garage door and the weather stripping as well. The reason you want to look for gaps is that these are places thieves can use a crowbar on your garage door or garage door window. One of the best times to inspect your garage door is when you are performing maintenance on your garage door.

Secure Your Emergency Garage Door Release.

Yes, that red cord that you can use to manually open your garage door is good to have in case your opener quits. Yet left dangling free, a  thief can use it against you as well. A thief can reach that cord from the outside and lift that garage door. There is a quick fix for this that still allows you to be able to use It in case of an emergency. Secure the cord with zip ties. If an emergency comes up where you need to use the cord, you can cut or break the zip ties.

Never Leave Your Garage Door Open.

This sounds like common sense and in truth, it is. Yet in our busy lives, especially here in the Houston area, it is easier said than done. It is actually one of the top ways a burglar gets into the garage. That is because it is the path of least resistance if someone is looking for garages and homes to break into. If you have a habit of leaving the garage door open, there are apps that can help to remind you your garage door is open. We suggest the MyQ app that works with most garage door openers. It lets you close your garage door from wherever you are, and lets you know when the last time it was open and for how long.

Consider Frosting or Covering Your Garage Door Windows.

If someone is snooping around looking for something worth breaking into a garage for, it is hard to do that if they cannot see through the window of your garage. You can cover your windows by using curtains, frosting your windows or even use tinting. You also get the benefit of helping your energy cost as well by controlling how much light comes through your garage door window. Covering your garage door windows is something that has multiple benefits.

Installing Motion Activated Lights.

Lighting that turns on when someone approaches your driveway and garage door is convenient for you and provides an added layer of safety in case someone is prowling around. No thief wants the light shined on them when they want to break in.

Get a Garage Door Opener That Has a Built-In Video Camera.

LiftMaster has now come out with The Smart Garage Camera™. The built-in Wi-Fi® allows for smartphone control with myQ® App bypassing the need to buy a separate camera. This camera not only enables you to see what’s happening in the garage, but it also has two-way communication, so you chat with someone in the garage. The camera will automatically start recording when your garage door has been opened or moved.

Install an Alarm System on Your Garage Door.

Just like there are magnetic alarm systems that detect motion on windows, there are alarm systems that do the same for garage doors. For many, simply mount the sensor to the inside of an overhead door near its bottom and then pair the sensor. This will deter a thief if they try to open your garage by sounding an alarm if they try to lift the armed garage door.

Use a Side Lock.

If you are going away for a longer period of time such as a vacation or business trip, consider installing a manual side lock. This type of lock cannot be unlocked with a remote and requires you to manually unlock with your key in hand.

Hide Your Garage Door Remote.

When you park your car for work or shopping, do not leave your remote visible where a thief can look in and see it. If they see it, it is possible they will want to break into the car and grab the remote. They can take one look at an insurance slip sitting in the glove box to find out exactly where you live. From there, it’s just as simple as going to your home while you are not there and letting themselves into your garage.

Change Your Code.

If you have used the same code for a while, a thief might be able to ferret out what that code is by the wear patterns on the buttons. Or it might be possible someone might have seen you put in the code. As a general practice, it is good to change your garage door opener code on a regular basis. We suggest about every 6 months.

Find your garage door or garage door opener has been compromised or damaged? Spectrum Overhead Door LLC has been serving the Houston area since 2006 with exceptional garage door repair service. We have satisfied hundreds of customers by building long-term relationships and treating each customer with dignity and respect while giving great service. Call 281-748-9542 or if you are on the East side of Houston 713-557-3407 to get a FREE QUOTE on your garage door repair needs today!

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Choosing the Best Garage Door Repair company in Houston

Choosing the Best Garage Door Repair company in Houston

Are you looking for a professional Houston garage door repair company? In the Houston market, there are 100’s of choices out there, so it can be difficult to choose the right garage door company for you. Here are some tips for choosing the best garage door company in Houston.

Physical Location

Spectrum Overhead Door Houston OfficeA physical location allows you to gauge information like the size of the company, number of employees and the legitimacy of the business. Check google maps for images of the location. All too often you will find garage door companies listed out of places like self-storage units. When that happens, it’s hard to tell if they are a legitimate company.

Experience & Reputation

Garage door repair reviews in Houston

You want to find a garage door company that has the experience to get the job done right the first time and the reputation to back that up. Testimonials are a great way to gauge this. Testimonials are the most important tool to decide the credibility of a business. If the early consumers are satisfied with their services, you can find satisfactory testimonials online about a business. This gives peace of mind when contacting the garage door repair company of your choice.

Use Directories To Further Check Reputation

Best Pick Reports of Houston Logo

In order to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy service provider, it is also important to ensure that the business is listed in the top business directories such as Angie’s List, Home Advisor, the BBB of Houston, Best Pick Reports etc. Business listings give collaborative evidence to the legitimacy of a garage door service company.

Guage Experience By How Long They Have Been in Business

You always want to check how long the company has been in business and generally want to find one that is no less than 3 to 5 years old. This is for two reasons. The first is the younger the company, the more of a possibility it is not to have the full experience to do the repair in the most efficient way possible. Second, is you want to make sure the company you choose is going to be around long enough to service any warranties.

Check For Liability Insurance.

Having liability insurance is essential so that in the rare event that something does go wrong, the contractor is covered and will put things right at no expense to you.

Ask if You Can Get a Free Estimate.

Garage door companies that offer free estimates show that they want to help their potential customers instead of just worrying about their bottom dollar. In the end, garage door companies are services companies and need to show that choosing them makes sense. Free estimates are a great way to do just that.

Ask What Are Their Service Areas.

Houston Garage Door Repair Jobs

It is important to check whether that garage door repair company services your area. Depending on where you are located in conjuncture with where their location is, they may charge a premium if you are far from that location.


Check Garage Door Service Availablity.

It is important to understand the availability of your Houston garage door contractor. Houston is a city on the move and the company you choose needs to understand it is unsafe to leave a broken or damaged garage door unattended, especially in the unpredictable Houston, TX weather. Check on how soon the company can come out, whether they can come to do repairs on evening and weekends and if there are extra charges involved.

Ask if the Contractor is Paid Hourly or By Commission.

This is a tip not really discussed by many professionals and should be. Many garage door repair contractors are paid by commission by their company. This can lead to contractors trying to create unneeded upsales or even unethical practices in order to rush their job just to get to the next one and get more money. Though contractors paid by the hour may have gotten a bad rap in the past, it actually ensures that instead of trying to rush off to the next job, the garage door contractor will concentrate on getting your repair work done right.

PRO TIP: Make Sure Company Marked vehicles Are Well Stocked.

Houston Garage Door Repair TruckWhen your garage door repair contractor shows up to your home, it should be in a company-marked vehicle. If it is not, it is likely that the person fixing your garage door works for 2 or 3 different companies. It should be pretty easy to see the company vehicle carrying the tools, parts, and accessories required to fix the vast majority of problems, in one visit. You don’t have to inspect the truck, but if it looks like it just pulled out of a dirt road and have very little tools and equipment, it might be best to seek a different garage door company.


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