It is a sad fact is that garage doors are always common target points for thieves. That is why garage door security is important. Criminals often try to break into these doors to gain access to the inner portion of the house. it is important to make efforts in securing your garage doors from break-ins. Here are some tips and advice on how to secure your garage door from break-ins.

It Starts with the  Type of Garage Door You Have.

The type of garage door you have matters when it comes to security. If you are in a neighborhood that has high break-ins, or you are concerned about break-ins; one of the ways to prevent a break-in through the garage is by the type of garage door you choose to have on your home. Non-insulated steel or aluminum garage doors can be easily pushed or cut through. Wooden doors or insulated doors will prevent an intruder from pushing the door to grab the opener cord and close to impossible to cut a hole through in a hurry to grab the garage door emergency cord that is used to lift the door manually.

Reprogram or Change Code for Garage Door Opener.

If your garage door remote has been stolen, then you need to reprogram the code to open the garage door. Likewise, if you live in a high crime area, you may want to re-program your garage door opener every 3-6 months.

Reprogramming Garage Doors with a Keypad

Place a ladder beneath the garage door’s motor unit to reach the unit. Press the learn button located on the side of the motor and hold it down. Release the button when the light beside it goes out to remove the old code from its memory. Push the learn button on the motor again, so its light comes on again. Enter the desired code on your keypad on the garage wall. The motor unit’s light blinks to indicate that the new code has been accepted. Press the learn button on the motor once more, so the light on the motor lights up again. Press a button on your remote. The motor unit’s light blinks to indicate the remote has been programmed with the new code. Repeat this step to program all other remotes.

Reprogramming Garage Doors without a Keypad

Take the cover off of the garage door’s remote control to expose the switches inside the remote. Repeat to change the code in all additional remotes. Move the switches inside the remote to change the code. Replace the cover on the remote control. Place a ladder beneath the garage door’s motor unit. Move the switches on the motor to change the code to match the code in the remote control.

Security Modifications To Your Garage Door

Install wide-angle peephole between the garage door and the house. It will help you to observe outside safely if the garage area produces some unnecessary noise.

Frost or darken your garage door windows. This way, it is harder for an intruder to take a clear look inside your garage for valuables or vulnerabilities into the rest of the house from the garage.

Here are some other tips to keep your home in the Houston area from being broken into from the garage.

Never ever keep your garage door remote in your vehicle. In case if some thieves break into your car; they will also get access to the main gateway of your home.

Experts advise buying a keychain remote opener. It is not good to use remotes that are clipped to the visor; rather you must hang your remote with the keys so that it stays always at some protected place.

Prefer to place a deadbolt between the garage door and the main entrance of your house.

Many observations reveal that homeowners often leave their garage doors open without any reason. Even if you live in a secure neighborhood, there is no point to invite thieves by attracting them to the open doors.

Consider getting a garage door app like the My Q app. It will let you know if your garage door is open, and when it opened. Furthermore, there are now Liftmaster garage door openers that have lights and cameras synced with the app, so you know what is going on with your garage.

Never ever neglect the maintenance and repair routines. See our blog post on maintaining your garage door here. For profession repairs, never hesitate to call your Houston garage door repair professionals at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC.

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