Garage doors are an essential part of your garage. Yet wooden garage doors are big and a bit cumbersome, especially when you have replaced your garage door and are left with the old wooden door. You could dispose of your old garage door by either giving it to a garage door company to dispose of or cut it up and let your local heavy trash take it away. Yet instead, your old garage door could be useful, and we have 5 ways to repurpose your old garage door.

Garage Door Table

Wooden garage doors are thick and sturdy. They are also sealed from outdoor elements if you have been taking care of your garage door. If you have a back yard and have been looking for a table for backyard picnics and bbq’s, an old garage door that has not cracked, rotted or swollen too much could do the trick.

Garage Door Benches

If you’re thinking about the table, you might consider benches as well. A 16-foot-wide door with the middle panel cut out and cut in half could make for two benches.


If you are looking to add more shelves to your home, an old garage door may be a perfect source for the wood! The wood is already straight, and you could cut the wood to size. You could either make these attached shelves or even floating shelves to put on your wall.

Custom Headboard From Garage Door

If you have a flair for being a bit different and are not wanting the exact Ikea style furniture that is in a lot of homes, then we have an idea that might make your bedroom feel a little more you and less everyone else. You can take your old wooden garage door, cut out a section, and create a headboard for your bedroom, kids room, or guest room. With a little sanding and a new coat of paint, you can create a headboard that will breathe a bit of you into your bedroom.

Multi-Purpose Wall Panel

This idea is perfect for your home or home office. You can cut a section out of your old garage door, find the studs in your wall to hang it on, and place your sections. From there you can customize it to literally anything you need it to be for. You can add a whiteboard paper for a place to write ideas. You can glue cork board to a part of the board turning that section to a tackboard. You can add large knobs to hang anything from coats to lanyards. Whatever multi-use board you need for your home or office, you can make your old garage door fit that bill.

There are clearly many more things you can do with your old garage door. You can definitely look at Pinterest to find other ideas and ways to repurpose your garage door. The reason we wanted to help and give you 5 ways to repurpose your old garage door is so you know you have options of what to do with your old door when it comes time to look into installing a new garage door.

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