Technology is ever-changing the way we live. It makes life faster, easier, and more convenient in many ways. Just as there are technological advances in just about every facet of life, garage doors are no exception. When new advances in garage door technology come out, we like to shine a light on them so you can know what the newest and latest options that are out there for you. This time we wanted to spotlight this advancement of garage door technology, MyQ Pet Portal.

While not exclusively involving the garage door, the MyQ Pet Portal was showcased at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year as one of Chamberlain’s latest developments (Liftmaster’s parent company). The MyQ system is the same system Chamberlain created to give you better control over your garage door and allows you conveniences such as Amazon packages to be delivered inside your garage and knowing when your garage door opens and closes.

This same kind of technology is now being applied to pet doors. The MyQ Pet Portal comes integrated in a select offering of Kolbe doors with material and color options. You can control the pet door remotely through the MyQ Pet Portal app, authorizing when your pet can go out, and you can monitor your pet’s activity through live video streaming and two-way audio. It’s easy to install, with no extra wires, but it does require bolting a bracket to your ceiling. The MyQ Pet Portal is compatible with Nest, Wink, Xfinity Home and Google Assistant.

A custom Bluetooth collar sensor that works together with the Pet Portal door and app allows you to give your dog or pet freedom to go in and out on its own if you so wish. This is perfect for pet parents that have to be gone for long commutes and want the ability to let the dog outside without the need for a pet sitter. If you work from home, it can make it easier to let the dog out while you’re working.

The MyQ Pet Portal also can help avoid pet accidents via garage door by restricting your pets to their own entrance area and keeping them away from the garage door. Sensors are meant to keep a garage door from closing on pets, but they are not foolproof. There is also the slight chance something can go wrong with a garage door like a spring breaking that can cause an injury to your pet.

This technology also can help extend the life of your garage door as well. By not having your pets go in and out by the garage, you have less pet dander that can cover your garage door photosensors. Also, the less opening and closing your garage doors do, the less wear and tear on your garage door parts.

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