When your garage door is in need of repairs, you generally have two options; calling a garage door repair technician or try and fix the repair yourself. Now, unlike many other garage door companies, we don’t discourage you from fixing your garage door yourself if that is really what you want to do. However, there are some real advantages to calling a garage door repair technician to come and fix your garage door. Let’s go over a few of those advantages.

Labor Warranty.

One of the biggest reasons right off the bat that we feel is an advantage of calling a repair technician is the labor is covered by a service warranty. That means that if something goes wrong with the work they have done, they can come back and fix the issue at no extra cost. If you were to do the work yourself, it’s possible that one small mistake or unforeseen error can cause you extra headaches and money.

Calling a Repair Technician Saves You Time.

Another big advantage of letting a professional fix your garage door is saving yourself time. Though it is true that most of us are on a tight budget these days, the thing you can’t get back is time once it is spent. Most homeowners have busy lives, so why spend the time on your garage door when you can spend it on something much more valuable to you, such as family or career?

No Need to Buy Extra Tools or Equipment

Garage door repair technicians have the latest tools and equipment on their trucks to get the job done right the first time. If you don’t have the right tools for the job and still try to fix your garage door, it could cost you extra time, money and even your health and safety. For example, there are horror stories of homeowners who have had a screwdriver slice their arm because they did not have a winding bar for their garage door spring. A winding bar is a bar used to help turn the springs to give them tension.

Your Health and Safety.

As we just mentioned above, fixing a garage door can be a dangerous task, especially if it’s not something you are comfortable doing or have the right tools for. The springs of a garage door have a lot of tension and, if the repair procedure is done wrong, can hurt you or your property. The garage door itself is also heavy and can cause bodily injury. Not to mention slips and falls from a ladder are common among homeowners. A reputable garage door company will have his workers insured from such accidents, letting them take the risk might be worth the call.

Finding the Correct Source of the Problem.

For some reason, this isn’t really talked about, but this is worth mentioning. For a homeowner, it’s very easy to misdiagnose the problem, causing them to spend more time, money and energy than it should have. For example, if your garage door opener is making more noises than it should, it could be that it is about to go out, or just a simple part needs to be replaced.

Like we mentioned before, we don’t discourage those that really want to fix their garage door themselves. In fact, we can point them to Parts 4 Garage doors, where they can find the parts and expertise they need to do the job. However, as you can see, there are a few advantages to calling a garage door company and have them do the work.

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