A good portion of Houston homes has a garage. The most obvious thing to do with your garage is to park your vehicles in the garage. Yet, that is not the only thing you can use your garage for. Some homeowners have extra space when they park their vehicles. Others may want to do something completely different with the garage. It is, after all, an extra room. Here are some best uses for your garage.

Your Use of Your Garage Can Change

One of the best things about using a garage for other things besides parking your vehicles is that the space is easier to change uses than other rooms in the home. You could even combine some of these ideas together if you like.

Uses for Your Garage

Home Gym.

Your garage can be a perfect place to turn into a small home gym. This does not take a bunch of fancy, bulky equipment. You can easily start with a bench, dumbbells, and a mat. A garage is a good place to do a wok out because you can open your garage door when there is a nice breeze, or it is cool outside to get a natural ventilation. All the for mentioned equipment is easy to store or move to a corner of the garage, making your garage still usable for your vehicle.

Game/Party room.

Your garage could make for an excellent way to entertain friends and family. When the weather is right, you can open the garage door for expanded space and let the breeze cool your guests down.  You can add games like dartboards on the wall or foldable tables for cards. All these ideas for having friends over and entertaining guests can easily be stored or in cases like a TV or darts,  be on the wall so your garage is till usable for your vehicle.

Computer Repair.

Now, we wanted to steer clear of the stereotypical thought of tools and workshop in the garage. That is a fairly well know idea. That being said, when one thinks of that idea, usually what comes to mind is fixing a car or repairing a door. Yet, if you have a tech geek in your home that loves to fix computers, setting up a small workbench on the side or at the back your garage could be a perfect idea. You can use totes and pegboard to keep everything organized and out of the way, still making room for your vehicle.


Sewing machines do not take up vast amounts of space. If you’re a person that likes to sew and wants to be a bit removed away from the rest of the family while doing it the garage is a great place to set up your machine. Sealable boxes can be used to keep dust away from the fabric.

Start-up Business.

Google, Dell, Microsoft, Yankee Candle all started from a garage. If you have a dream you want to turn into a business, you can put together a small corner office or workstation in your garage where you can start your dream business, yet still have room to park your vehicle.

Art Studio.

If you are an artist, and especially a painter, turning your garage into an art studio might be a great idea. There is less chance of your paints getting on indoor floors. Plus it could be a great place to get away from the family and have some peace and quiet to enjoy your painting, sculpting, or whatever art you do.

Home Repair and Construction Workshop

Probably one of the best-known uses for a garage is a place to do home repair projects. Need a place to paint a door before hanging it on the henges, a garage is a great place for that. Need to cut some wood for a repair or remodel? A garage is a great place for that too! A garage is a great place to store your tools and put them to use when you need to.

Some Considerations When Choosing Garage Space Usage.

When deciding what to use your garage for instead of just a storage closet, there are a few considerations you need to think about.

  • Noise – Garages usually have a concrete floor that can bounce noise a bit. Also, the build and insulation of your garage door will have an effect on how much outside noise you hear.
  • Dust – Because you open your garage door, there is more of a chance your garage will have dust and dirt. If you decide to use your garage for something that you do not want to get dirt or dust on, use containers like plastic tote boxes.
  • Size of your vehicle and garage – A two-car garage is obviously going to have more room, but be mindful if you have two bigger vehicles. You want to have enough room to comfortable to move about with the vehicles in the garage if you still plan to park them there.


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