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Understanding Genie Garage Door Opener Error Codes

Understanding Genie Garage Door Opener Error Codes

Genie garage door openers are one of the more common budget garage door openers on the market. When all goes right, they get the job done, opening and closing the garage door as it should. However, just like any other piece of machinery or electrical equipment, it can malfunction from time to time. The good thing is, Genie garage door openers have red and green lights that can help you diagnose some of the basic issues going on with your garage door opener. This can help you save time and money by not having to call a garage door repair company for a simple fix. Let’s look at Genie garage door opener error codes.

Garage Door Opener Error Codes

Genie chain and belt drive garage door openers flash the red or green LEDs lights next to the Learn button to signal error codes. Here are the error codes and what they mean.

Red LED blinks once, pauses and repeats: Means A remote device transmitter has not been programmed.

What should you do: Program the remote device following the instructions in your owner’s manual.


Green LED blinks once, pauses and repeats: Obstruction between the sensors, door is binding or door travel limit needs programming.

What should you do: Remove any obstruction between the safety reversing sensors. Pull the emergency door release and check the up-and-down travel of the garage door for binding. Repair the garage door if it doesn’t travel smoothly. Program the door travel limits following the instructions in the owner’s manual.


Green LED blinks twice, pauses and repeats: Continuous obstruction between the sensors, sensors are out of alignment, bad wiring connections on the power head, or door travel limit needs programming.

What you should do: Remove any obstruction between the safety reversing sensors. Realign the safety reversing sensors if askew. Unplug the garage door opener and reconnect any loose wires on the power head. Program the door travel limits following the instructions in the owner’s manual.


Green LED blinks 3 times, pauses and repeats: Travel limits are backwards

What you should do: Clear and reprogram the travel limits following the instructions in your owner’s manual.


Green LED blinks 4 times, pauses and repeats: The wall control wires are reversed on the power head or the wall control wires are shorted

What you should do: Reverse the wall control wires on the power head if improperly connected. Unplug the garage door opener and replace the wires for the wall control if damaged. If the wires are okay, replace the wall control.


Green LED blinks 5 times, pauses and repeats: Chain/belt is too tight or control system failure.

What you should do: Adjust the chain/belt tension following the instructions in your owner’s manual. If the chain/belt tension is okay, replace the control board assembly.


Some of these fixes are fairly simple and some are a little more involved. In either case though, if it’s not something you are comfortable working with, then it might be best to call in a garage door opener repair professional. If you are in the Houston area and you own a Genie garage door opener that gives you one of these error codes, Spectrum Overhead Door can repair your Genie garage door opener for you. Call 713-913-1721 to schedule your appointment.



Benefits of Installing a Smart Garage Door Opener

Benefits of Installing a Smart Garage Door Opener

Here in Houston, as in most places, technology for everyday use is advancing at a rapid pace. This includes technology for the home itself. As a garage door company here in Houston, we have seen that trend extend to garage door openers. Some smart features have been around for a few years now, however, if you are living in a house you bought 5-10 years ago, you may not have heard about the different features of a smart garage door opener.  Smart garage door openers offer a number of benefits that are well worth considering for anyone looking to upgrade their home’s security and convenience. Here are a few benefits of installing a smart garage door opener.

Smart Garage Door Opener Benefits

Security Lights.

Many modern garage door openers, including the newer Liftmaster garage door openers, come with a security light.  The security light turns on automatically when the garage door opener is activated. Many of the models with security lights are now motion-activated, allowing deterrence of intruders.

Wireless Open and Close Through Apps.

Smart garage door openers are connected to WIFI and now can be controlled through an app like the MyQ app through Chamberlain. These apps allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone or other device. This can be incredibly convenient if you need to let someone into your garage while you’re not home, or if you simply want to open or close the door without having to get out of your car. Another great benefit is when you have guests coming over, but won’t be there in time to open the garage door. With an app like the MyQ app, you can create a virtual key from your smartphone to theirs. This can be a temporary key as You can set it to expire on a specific day and time. The Chamberlin MyQ app was designed to give homeowners full control of their garage, even when they are not there. The MyQ app is partnered with Amazon so that when you order from Amazon, the delivery driver can securely leave your packages in the garage.

Video Camera on the Garage Door Opener.

LiftMaster is one of the major brands that offer this great feature. We are talking about having a video camera right on your garage door opener. A video camera that allows you to see what’s happening in and around your garage at all times. The video camera can come with motion detection and alert features, so you can be notified if someone is in your garage when they shouldn’t be. These work seamlessly with apps like the MyQ garage door app.

Integrated Battery Backup.

Here in Houston, the power tends to go out in the summertime, and we just had a winter with a massive power outage. That can leave you without the ability to get into your garage in the middle of a storm without having to get out of your car and manually lift your garage door.  For older garage door opener units, to have battery backup you had to incorporate a backup battery. There are newer Liftmaster models that come with integrated Battery backup allows you to open/close your door even when the power is out.

Conversion Kits

If you are not ready to buy a newer garage door opener but want the benefits of newer technology, companies like Chamberlain and Genie offer conversion and upgrade kits that give you virtually all the same features.

If you want to upgrade your garage with a smart garage door opener, but not sure where to begin or how to install it, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC in Houston has been reliably installing garage door openers for over 15 years. Call 281-748-9542 or if you live on the Eastern side of Houston 713-557-3407 for a free quote on upgrading your garage with a smart garage door opener.


Signs That You Need a New Garage Door Opener

Signs That You Need a New Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener is one of the most important components of your garage, providing you with easy and convenient access to your home. However, like all mechanical devices, garage door openers can become worn out or outdated, leading to problems that can affect their functionality and safety. Here are some signs that you need a new garage door opener:

The Age of Your Garage Door Opener

The age of your garage door opener is a good indicator of whether or not you need a new one. If your opener is more than 15 years old, it may be time to consider a replacement. Older openers may not have the safety features and energy efficiency of newer models, which could put you and your family at risk.

If your Garage Door Opener Makes Noise

If your garage door opener is making excessive noise, it could be a sign that it’s time to replace it. Older openers tend to be noisier than newer models, and excessive noise can be a sign that the motor is wearing out or that the chain or belt is loose.

The Lack of Safety Features:

 Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to garage door openers. If your opener doesn’t have safety features such as automatic reversal, photoelectric sensors, or rolling code technology, it’s time to upgrade to a newer model. These safety features can prevent accidents and injuries by stopping the door from closing on people or objects.

 If The Garage Door Opener Malfunctions: 

If your garage door opener is malfunctioning, it might be time to replace your garage door opener. Malfunctions can include the door opening or closing on its own, the door not opening or closing at all, or the opener making unusual sounds. These malfunctions can be caused by a variety of factors, including worn-out components or a faulty motor. We do want to stress that malfunctions do not straight away mean you need a new garage door opener, but combining it with other factors may lead to that determination. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether it’s better to repair or place the garage door opener, and that is where a garage door professional like Spectrum Overhead Door can help. 

Lack of energy efficiency: 

Older garage door openers may not be as energy efficient as newer models, which can lead to higher energy bills. If you’re noticing a significant increase in your energy bills, it may be time to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient model.

Incompatibility with smart home technology: 

If you’re interested in adding smart home technology to your garage door opener, your current opener may not be compatible. If you’re looking to upgrade to a newer, more compatible model, you’ll be able to control your garage door opener from your smartphone, tablet, or another internet-connected device.

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to consider a new garage door opener. By upgrading to a newer model, you can improve the safety, security, and convenience of your garage, as well as reduce your energy bills. When choosing a new garage door opener, be sure to look for one that has the safety features, security features, and convenience features that you need for your specific needs. Additionally, make sure to choose a model that is compatible with any smart home technology you may be interested in.If you are in the Houston area, Spectrum Overhead Door can help to help you choose the right model for your needs and ensure a proper installation of your garage door opener motor.


Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Your garage door opener is a reliable piece of machinery that drives the springs and cables to open and close your garage door. Yet, no matter how reliable that piece of machinery is, all machines break down and need to be replaced. Now if your opener quits working altogether, that is a sure sign you need a new garage door opener installed. Yet sometimes your opener has issues or problems that are indicative of it needing to be replaced that can be overlooked. Here are some common garage door opener problems that might mean you need to replace your opener.

Remotes and Wall Switches

Remote Control nor Wall Switch Will Open or Close the Door.

If the opener will not respond to the wall switch or the remote, the simplest answer is usually the case, which means the opener is not getting power. Check to see if the opener has been unplugged from its power source. Make sure the cord is plugged in all the way. If the cord is plugged in, you may want to check your circuit breaker or fuse. If none of those options have worked, it’s possible the garage door opener’s motor has burned out and isn’t operating at all. This means it would be time to replace the garage opener.

The Wall Switch Works But the Remote Doesn’t.

If the door operates with the hardwired wall switch but not the remote, it’s likely the battery needs replacing in the remote control or keypad. If that has not helped, check to see if the antenna on your garage door opener has been damaged or is not pointing down.

The Remote Works but the Wall Switch Doesn’t.

If the remote works but the wall switch doesn’t, you may have to replace the wall switch, or the wall switch wires. First, you have to determine which is the problem. Unscrew the switch from the wall and touch the two wires together. These are low voltage wires so they will not shock you. If the opener runs, you have a bad switch. Purchase the one recommended for your model and replace the switch. If the opener doesn’t run when you touch the wires at the opener, use a small wire and jump those same two wires at the opener terminal. If the opener runs, the wire that connects the opener to the switch is bad. You can replace it using 18- to 22-gauge wire.

Opening and Closing the Garage Door Does Not Work Correctly

Your garage door opens, then immediately reverses direction.

If you push the button and the garage door begins to open and then completely reverses direction, this could have a simple explanation. If the sensors are blocked, dirty, or an object is in the way, this could be the root cause. However, if your garage door continues to act this way despite repeated attempts to clear the sensors and area of debris, it may be time to look at replacing the opener.

The garage Door Won’t Close All the Way.

If the garage door goes down when you hold down the wall switch, your safety sensors are probably out of alignment or going bad. These are near the bottom of the door track on both sides. They are electronic eyes that require a clear line of view between them. The small light on each sensor should be lit up when nothing is between them. If there is no red light at all, that probably means they need to be replaced. If you do see a red light, that means they probably need to be realigned. Sometimes, vibrations from the door in the tracks can loosen the brackets holding the sensors, changing their alignment, and need to be realigned. Also, make sure there is nothing blocking the line of sight between the two sensors. Also, direct sunlight shining on the sensor eye can trick the sensor.

The garage Door Does Not Open Completely.

If the garage door opens, but not all the way, one of two things are probably the issue. Either damaged rollers can also cause the door to stop short of fully opening or the up-limit switch may need to be moved toward the motor unit. In most cases it will be the rollers, in which case the rusty roller needs to be lubricated, or damaged ones need to be replaced. The up-limit switch is a rarer occurrence. This switch is usually a simple touch-lever mounted on the end of the track near the motor unit, and if it is too far ​away, the motor will stop the door before it fully opens. The solution is to move the switch closer to the motor unit.

The garage door opens and begins vibrating.

A little vibration during opening or closing is normal, but if your opener begins vibrating violently when in operation, this could be a sign of a serious internal problem that should be checked out immediately.

You start hearing the opener make weird noises.

In addition to vibrating, if the opener suddenly begins making noises you have never heard before, it might be time for a service call or a complete replacement. The existence of a noise you are unfamiliar with is almost always indicative of some type of internal problem so if you begin hearing something you have never heard before, take action immediately. If you catch the issue in time, a simple repair versus a replacement may be in order. Older chain-driven models are certainly much noisier and the noise could be from a rusty chain-driven opener. Newer garage door openers are belt-driven and are generally much quieter but any new noise that you do not recognize should be investigated immediately.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, the Houston garage door repair experts at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can diagnose your garage door opener problem and see if it is best to replace or just repair your opener motor. The greater Houston area is the only market we serve because our company is locally owned and operated.  We have two office locations: 11020 Katy Freeway #116b Houston, TX 77043 in which the number is  281-748-9542, and 16023 East Fwy #11
Channelview TX, 77530 in which the number is 713-557-3407. Call us at either location or come by and we can schedule you an appointment to repair or replace your garage door opener motor. Same-day appointments are available!

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What Size Garage Door Opener Motor Do You Need

What Size Garage Door Opener Motor Do You Need

When shopping for a new garage door opener motor, determining the size, you require might be difficult. Motors come in various sizes, each with its own set of advantages and applications. Here, the multiple sizes of garage door opener motors are discussed and what each one is suitable for. There will also be coverage for choosing the suitable motor for your needs and keeping your garage door opener motor in good working condition.

When selecting a garage door opener motor, the first factor to consider is the size of your garage. What size garage door opener do you need? Well, it depends. For example, you won’t need a large engine if you have a small garage. In contrast, you will require a larger motor if you have a huge garage.

More considerations may include;

  • The frequency of use. A larger motor may be needed to prevent wear and tear if the frequency is high.
  • How many garage doors will the opener be operating? If there are many doors to be served, a larger motor may be needed to function correctly.
  • The type of garage door. If the garage door is made of wood, it may need a  larger motor to open and close it.
  • If you have an automatic garage door opener, you will need a more potent motor because it will have to lift the door and close it automatically.

Once you have considered all of these factors, you should be able to narrow down your choices to the one that suits you best.

There are four different sizes of garage door opener motors.

Quarter horsepower

(QHP) motors are the most minor and most common type of garage door opener motor. They are best suited for light-duty applications and small garage doors. They are characterized by low noise and low efficiency.

Half horsepower 

motors are larger and more potent than QHP motors and are best suited for heavy-duty applications and large garage doors. Their characteristics include high noise and high efficiency.

Three-quarter horsepower 

Three-quarter horsepower motors are even larger and more potent than HHP motors and are best suited for heavy-duty applications and substantial garage doors. They are characterized by very high noise and very high efficiency.

Full-horsepower motor

Full-horsepower motors are the most significant and potent type of garage door opener motor. They are best suited for commercial applications and weighty garage doors. They are characterized by exceptionally high noise and extremely high efficiency.

If you are unsure which size you need, the garage door opener installation professionals at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can assess your needs and recommend the right size motor for your application. 

Maintain your garage door opener motor regularly to avoid garage door opener repair. 

The motor is one of the most common causes of garage door opener repairs.  Here are a few ways to maintain your opener motor. 

  • Checking the garage door opener motor for dirt and debris. The motor can overheat and fail due to dirt and debris.
  • Looking for any loose or damaged parts on the garage door opener motor. Components that are loose or broken might make the engine work harder and eventually fail.
  • Checking the alignment of the garage door. If your garage door is out of alignment, it will make the motor work harder.
  • Checking the lubrication of the garage door opener motor chain. 

You may avoid garage door opener repair and prolong the life of your garage door opener motor if you maintain it regularly


If you are still unsure of which garage door opener motor is best for your garage door, the pros at Spectrum Overhead Door in Houston can help you with choosing the right size and installing it for you. We have been installing garage door openers since 2006. Call 281-748-9542 to schedule your appointment. 


Maintain your electric garage door opener

Maintain your electric garage door opener

Automatic garage door openers are a significant investment for many homeowners. Despite being built to last, many automatic garage doors barely make it past a decade of use. Taking good care and learning how to maintain your electric garage door opener will spare you money in the long term.

Garage doors are often one of the largest moving items in a home, and when neglected, they can strain moving components, which can be costly to repair. While it’s okay to perform minor repairs on your own, it’s best to leave complicated repairs to qualified garage door technicians for garage door opener repair. Below is a guide you can follow when conducting garage door opener repair.

How to Maintain your electric garage door opener.

  1. Watch out for unusual sounds or movements in your garage doors.

Sometimes, faults in your automatic garage door opening mechanism may result in scraping or screeching sounds. A properly tuned garage door will move seamlessly along the rails and should be mostly quiet. Inspect each system component from the cabling to the pulleys and springs to ensure they are properly aligned.

  1. Confirm the garage door opener remote works

Remotes are often overlooked during routine maintenance checks. Dead batteries could be a reason why your garage door isn’t working. To confirm your remote is in good working condition, try pressing any button and check for flashes in the LED light. If the remote fails to activate the door opener or the LED fails to light up, it may be time to replace batteries or the remote altogether.

Inspect the antenna wires that stick out of the automatic garage door opener. The antenna should be intact and straight; bending or folding may affect the remote functionality.

  1. Test your garage door opener’s balance

An inappropriately balanced garage door will strain the automatic opening mechanism leading to more wear and tear. If neglected, the homeowner may incur hefty costs to repair or overhaul the opening mechanism. Follow the steps below when testing your door’s balance.

  • Pull the release handle to free the automatic opener.
  • Manually lift the garage door until it is about halfway open. If the door springs are in good condition, you should be able to lift the door without using too much force.
  • The door should hold its position without your help. However, if the garage door slides up or down, the springs may be worn out, leading to an imbalance of the garage door.
  • Spring repair or replacement is often a complex procedure that is best left to qualified garage door repair technicians.
  1. Test the auto-reverse safety feature

In 1993, the United States and Canada made it mandatory to include two reverse systems in automatic garage doors as a safety mechanism. The first system is contact-based, where the electric motor reverses the door is the bottom section hits an object or encounters physical resistance. The second reverse mechanism relies on a photoelectric mechanism consisting of an infrared emitting unit and a receiver. If an object blocks the infrared light as the garage door closes, the receiver signal the motor to stop and reverse the direction of the door.

It’s advisable to test the auto-reverse safety feature at least twice a year. Follow the steps below when testing this feature.

  • Place a piece of brick or wood underneath the garage door. If the reverse feature works properly, your garage door should automatically reverse upon contacting the object.
  • To inspect the photoelectric mechanism, stick out your leg as the door closes. The door should automatically reverse and slide upwards.
  • If you still have your instruction manual, you can follow the direction of adjusting the auto-reverse system. Call in a technician if the task is too daunting to attempt on your own.
  1. Inspect, replace and lubricate rollers

The rollers lie along the edges of the garage door, where they attach to the frame through hinges. Roller inspection should happen at least twice a year. Remove dust from any debris along the roller trail using a clean cloth. During the inspection, watch out for cracks or chips in the rollers. Replace faulty rollers by unhooking them from the brackets that hold them against the door. Avoid tampering with the bottom-most rollers because they are often under extreme tension.

Improve the roller condition by applying lubricant to minimize friction that leads to wear and tear. Lubricate all moving parts using a premium spray lubricant at least twice a year. Remember to lubricate the ball bearings contained in the rollers. Redistribute the grease evenly on the roller system by opening and closing the garage door several times.

  1. Inspect the cables and pulleys

The lift cabling and pulleys often attach to the bottom-most roller brackets on the garage door. Garage door mechanisms often have two springs: extension and torsion springs. Extension springs run horizontally on the upper portion of the garage door track. Torsion strings attach to a metal rod just above the garage door opening.

The pulleys and springs work together when lifting and lowering the garage door. During your inspection, watch out for any broken strands or damaged cables that need repair.

Professional help

Regular inspection and maintenance of your automatic garage door opener are crucial in preventing property damage and injury when operating the system. Protect your friends and family from harm by following the above steps for your garage door maintenance.

Are you looking for a Houston garage door repair specialist? Spectrum overhead LLC offers professional garage door repair in Houston and its environs. Spectrum has over fifteen years of experience handling garage door maintenance, from spring replacement to garage door balancing. Main Office: 281-748-9542, East Houston 713-557-3407


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