Common Garage Door Problems – Parts Breakdown

Your garage door is actually a complex system of moving parts. Like any piece of machinery or major part of your Houston area home, there will come a time when one piece or another of that system is going to break down.  Now, there are countless other blogs and resources that describe the different common garage door problems you could have by scenarios, such as your garage door not closing correctly. Now many in Spectrum Overhead Door are not just field technicians with years of field experience, but also homeowners and home renters. So taking that into account, we wanted to give you a quick breakdown of each of the garage door parts and what could go wrong with them. This way you are a little more prepared when, not if, that particular garage door part breakdown.

Garage Door Springs.

Your garage door springs create the tension to hold the weight of your garage door when it opens and closes. Most garage door springs are rated to last about 10,000 cycles. With using your garage about 4 times a day, comes out to about 7 years.  Now, that is not taking into account Houston’s humidity. That is why keeping your garage door springs lubricated twice a year is important. If this is not kept up with this Houston humidity and storms, that lifespan can be shortened.

If your garage door spring breaks, you may encounter several problems such as:

  • Difficulty in Opening/Closing: A broken spring can make it difficult or impossible to open or close the garage door. The door may become very heavy or may not move at all.
  • Damage to the Garage Door Opener: The garage door opener is responsible for lifting the weight of the garage door, and a broken spring can cause it to work harder than it should. This increased workload can damage the garage door opener, leading to costly repairs or replacements.
  • Safety Risks: A garage door that is difficult to open or close can be a safety hazard, especially for children or pets who may try to play around it. Additionally, if the spring breaks while the garage door is in motion, it can cause the door to slam shut, potentially injuring someone or damaging property.
  • Inability to Use the Garage: A broken garage door spring may render your garage unusable until it is fixed. This can be an inconvenience if you use your garage for storage or as a workspace.
  • Damage to the Garage Door Panels: When a spring breaks, it can cause the garage door to come down quickly and unevenly, causing damage to the door panels, especially if they are made of lightweight materials like aluminum.

If your garage door spring has rusted and is about to break or has broken, you CAN replace the spring yourself, but we do not necessarily recommend that. That is because it can be dangerous to replace the springs yourself. You can read more about that in Risks of DIY Garage Door Spring Repair. Instead, it’s best to call a professional to get your garage door springs repaired or replaced.

Garage Door Panels.

Garage door panels can easily become dented from a vehicle bumping into the garage, or other objects hitting the door. This can cause the garage door to buckle depending on the extent of the damage and how long it was left untreated. If caught early, you can get away with replacing the garage door panel instead of having to replace the entire garage door.

Garage Door Hinges.

Garage door hinges connect the panels together and are made from metal and can and will rust if not properly maintained.  It is important to inspect and lubricate them twice a year. Replace the ones that look too rusted or have broken. This will prevent worse issues in the long run.If the hinges on your garage door break, it can cause a range of problems including:

  • Inability to open or close the garage door: A broken hinge can prevent the garage door from opening or closing properly. This can be a major inconvenience and can make it difficult to use the garage for its intended purpose.
  • Misaligned garage door: When the hinge is broken, the garage door may become misaligned, which means it may not fit properly in the opening. This can cause gaps around the door, which can allow heat, cold, and pests to enter the garage.
  • Safety concerns: A broken hinge can make it unsafe to use the garage door. If the door is not securely attached to the tracks, it can fall suddenly and cause injury or damage to property.
  • Additional damage to the door: If the hinges are not replaced promptly, the extra weight and stress on the remaining hinges can cause additional damage to the garage door.
  • Noise and vibration: A broken hinge can cause noise and vibration when the garage door is opened or closed. This can be annoying for you and your neighbors.
  • Energy inefficiency: A misaligned garage door with gaps can cause energy inefficiency, as it allows outside air to seep in and disrupt the temperature inside the garage. This can result in higher energy bills.

Garage Door Rollers.

Metal garage door rollers can rust. Any rollers you find in any of these conditions need to be replaced. If your garage door rollers rust and break, you may experience a range of problems that can impact the performance and safety of your garage door. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Difficulty Opening or Closing: Rusty and broken garage door rollers can make it challenging to open or close your garage door smoothly. This can lead to frustration and inconvenience, as well as potential safety hazards if the door becomes stuck or difficult to operate.
  • Increased Noise: As garage door rollers rust and break, they may produce more noise when the door is opening or closing. This can be a nuisance for homeowners and their neighbors, especially if the garage is located close to living spaces.
  • Damaged Tracks: If rusted and broken garage door rollers are not addressed promptly, they may cause damage to the tracks that guide the door’s movement. This can lead to costly repairs or even require a complete replacement of the garage door system.
  • Safety Hazards: A garage door that is difficult to operate or has damaged rollers can pose a safety hazard. The door may become unbalanced, potentially causing it to fall unexpectedly and injure someone or damage property.

You can replace your metal rollers with high-quality nylon garage door rollers.

Garage Door Tracks.

The garage door tracks are where the rollers go in order to open and close the door smoothly. If your garage door tracks are bent, it can cause a number of problems that can make it difficult or impossible to use your garage door. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Difficulty opening or closing the door: Bent tracks can cause the door to get stuck or move unevenly, making it difficult to open or close the door smoothly.
  • Uneven wear and tear on the door: If the door is moving unevenly due to the bent tracks, it can cause uneven wear and tear on the door and its components, which can lead to further damage.
  • Damage to the door rollers: Bent tracks can cause the rollers that guide the door along the tracks to wear out faster or even become dislodged from the track entirely.
  • Damage to the door opener: If the door is not moving smoothly along the tracks, it can put extra strain on the door opener, which can cause it to malfunction or break down.
  • Safety risks: A door that is not moving smoothly along the tracks can be a safety hazard, particularly if it falls unexpectedly or gets stuck partway open or closed.

There are some instances where you can bend the track back in place. Yet, if the bend is pretty severe, or if the track is damaged, then it’s just best to replace your garage door track.

Garage Door Openers.

We could not go into commonly replaced garage door parts without mentioning garage door openers. Garage door openers are usually built for 10-15 years of use. If your garage door opener is that old and causing your problems, then it is probably best to replace the garage door opener. However, there can be other reasons as well, such and getting an opener that is quieter or one that has newer features like lights and a built-in camera. LiftMaster is the gold standard of garage door openers and the ones we here at Spectrum Overhead Door recommend.

Whatever your Houston garage door repair needs are, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can take care of it, often within the same day. We provide fast, friendly, and affordable garage door repair service in Houston that has satisfied hundreds of customers. Call 281-748-9542 or if you are on the East side of Houston 713-557-3407 to schedule your appointment

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