Whether buying a new home or renovating an existing one, a garage door has significant importance in both the look and the feel of the home.  There are two common types of garage door material, wooden and steel. Both have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to these two different types of garage doors. But first, let’s look at what you need to consider when comparing wooden and steel garage doors.

What you want to consider.

There are three important things that buyers need to consider while buying a new garage door:

  • The life expectancy of the material.
  • The frequency of usage.
  • Desired annual maintenance routines.
  • What kind of design choices do I want?
  • And especially in Houston where temperatures can get high, the energy costs

Comparing Wooden and steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors:

Steel garage doors are observed to be versatile in terms of design, insulation, and price as well. They are likely to serve you for the long run with durable, economical and energy-efficient performance. Moreover, they ensure silent operation; it means they are not gone disturb the entire family or neighbors when you need to ride your vehicle in the middle of the night. These doors can be painted in any color to meet their exterior décor of the home.

When it comes to installation, a steel door is easier to install than a wooden one because it is lighter. Therefore, it is easier to lift when installing.

You also have the choice of manual or automatic doors. With a wooden door, automatic door openers are a necessity because you can be hurt if the counterbalances become out of sync.

Steel overhead doors do not sag with time; you can expect efficient and reliable operation for years after installation. The steel doors do not suffer warp or crack due to weather changes; they are easier to maintain over wooden garage doors.

Steel garage door does not offer the same type of insulation for your garage as a wooden door does. If you consider, a wooden door is like having a thickness of a solid wall, where steel garage doors are thinner. That also means they are less secure as well.


  • Weather resistant design.
  • Demand the least maintenance efforts.
  • Efficient performance.
  • More affordable
  • choice of manual or automatic doors


  • They may suffer fading and denting over time.
  • Less insulation
  • Less secure

Wood garage doors:

The outstanding appeal and ultimate craftsmanship of wood garage door make them stand ahead among several competitors in the market. People love to install them for their added warmth and natural look. They are the best choice to complement the unique architectural style of the property. Those who are looking for curb appeal, detail, charm, and easy customization options are advised to choose wooden garage doors. They are currently available in both, stain grade and paint options.

Wooden garage doors are heavy, solid and thick as well. Their natural strength makes them last longer; however, they may need time to time maintenance.  The wooden garage door will need to be Kept treated ever 1 to 2 years. If not they can take on water and swell, causing the garage door to take on more weight. More weight can lead to the door malfunctioning or becoming a hazard of falling on someone. opener maintenance and reduce the risk, yet that can still be an added extra cost over the steel garage doors.


  • Higher strength.
  • Better security.
  • Improved durability.


  • Need regular maintenance.
  • May suffer cracking, warping and rotting.
  • Have to have an automatic opener.

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