Garage Doors are built to last 15 or more years. Yet, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to extend the life of your garage door. It’s just like a vehicle. Most are built to last, but proper maintenance and a little investment goes a long way into making sure you get the most out of your vehicle. The same goes for your garage door. Here are some tips to extending the life of your garage door.

Lubricate the Garage Door Hardware.

A lot of the garage door hardware is made of metal and either bends, rolls, or slides. This includes your garage door hinges, springs, track, rollers, and opener chain (if you have one); they all are made of metal or have metal parts and are subject to Houston humidity. We recommend lubricating these once to twice yearly. Before lubricating any part, make sure you clear it of dust and debris. Never use WD40 for lubrication. Either use a lithium-based grease or garage door spray lubrication.

Weather Seal Your Garage Door.

Now when your garage door was installed, it came with weather stripping. Yet, that weather stripping has a shorter lifespan than the garage door. If the weather seal has been torn, worn, or breached, the weather can damage your garage door itself. That is especially true here in the Houston area where it seems to storm or flood a lot here. Inspect your weather stripping. While your weatherstripping is good, regularly remove the debris from the stripping with a clean, damp cloth. Over time, your weatherstripping will wear out and need to be replaced. Your garage door will have one of 3 kinds of weather stripping, rolled, tongue and groove, or universal. To replace:

  • Remove your old bottom weather seal by pulling on one end along with the bottom retainer.
  • Clean the door bottom from dirt and debris.
  • Then cut the new rubber seal to length with a razor knife.
  • Fold your new garage door bottom seal into a “U” shape and begin to slide the T end of the seal into the bottom retainer channels.
  • After pulling the bottom weather seal across the full width of the door, pull five more inches of seal out of the end of the track extra. Fold back into the channel. This protects against shrinkage.

Check the Balance of Your Garage Door.

Your garage door’s balance is key to keeping your garage door and garage door system working correctly. If your garage door is off-balance, it can shorten the life of the opener, and if left unchecked can damage the door. To check the balance, close the door, and disconnect it from the motor. Raise the door manually until it’s a couple of feet from the ground. Take a step back and observe. If the door starts slowly closing on one of the sides, the balance needs readjusting. When a garage door is off-balance, it means the springs either don’t have enough tension to counterbalance the door’s weight or they are exerting too much pressure.

Treating Your Garage Door.

If you have a wooden garage door, it can swell with Houston humidity and can get sun damaged from Houston heat. Every couple of years, Treat the door with a weather-resistant finish. You can use varnish, paint, or other film finish, which can offer some protection.

If you keep up with these tips, you can greatly increase the chances of your garage door getting its maximum life span, saving you money in the long run.

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