Your garage door can take up to 40% of one side of your house and many Houstonians tend to use their garage doors as their front door. So when something like a basketball or even a vehicle dents your garage door, it’s unsightly and could cause problems later on down the road. But can you fix cosmetic dents on your garage door?

Cosmetic Vs. Structural

First, let’s go over the difference in cosmetic vs. structural damage. If the dent is in the middle of the panel where it has only pushed the embossing in, that is cosmetic damage. If the dent is toward the edges of the garage door panel, especially if it’s causing two pieces to separate, that is structural damage.

Fixing the Cosmetic Damage on a Garage Door.

Now, if you have had something dent your garage door panel in the embossment, you can fix it yourself. It’s still not going to look perfect, but it will take the dent out of your garage door.

  • Wash the dented surface with soap and water.
  • Locate a wood block and mallet.
  • Move to the opposite side of the indentation.
  • Place the wood block over the dent.
  • Tap the section with a mallet until it sits flush with surrounding panels.

Structural Panel Damage.

If your dent is at a place and way that is making 2 of the panels separate in a section or some sections, that is structural damage. Unless you are fairly handy with home improvement projects, it’s probably best to call a garage door repair company to have them make the repair.  This type of damage you don’t want to leave, as it can eventually affect the opening and closing of the garage door.

What Can Be Done?

Strut Brace to Fix Dent in Garage Door

If the dents or separation is small, your garage door technician will probably install strut braces. Strut braces go on the back of your garage door panels to help keep them in line and reinforced.

Garage Door Panel Swap

If the separation does not look like it can be hammered out and reinforced, not all Is lost. You will not have to buy a whole new garage door. Instead, your garage door technician will do a panel swap. We replace just the panels that were damaged with new panels. From the outside, it will look like you have a brand-new door.

If your garage door panel is dented in a structural spot, or you are just generally unsure of what you should do about your dented garage door, you can contact Spectrum Overhead Door if you are in the Houston area. We have repaired and replaced garage door panels since 2006 with award-winning service. Call us at 281-748-9542 to schedule your appointment.


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