Houston is a wet, humid climate. That can take a toll on parts of your home. One part of your home you may not think about is your garage door and garage door system. Your garage door and garage door parts are made of metal that can rust in the Houston weather. Even if you have a wooden garage door, you still have metal parts like garage door springs and hinges. If you are not careful, garage door rust can be a silent killer.

Your Garage Door.

If you have a steel garage door, any exposed metal of the garage door can rust. That is why it is best to check your garage door twice a year to make sure there are no chips or cracks on the outer paint coating. If you find that your paint has chipped or peeled away from your garage door, read How to Fix Chipped Paint on a Garage Door.

If your garage door has panels, it most likely has hinges. If not lubricated, these hinges can also rust. If the rust gets too bad, the hinges will break, causing all sorts of problems, like your door, not opening and closing. We also suggest lubricating your hinges twice a year with garage door lubricant.

Garage Door Springs.

Your garage door springs are made from steel as well and are exposed to the Houston weather. Rust on your garage door springs can cause the springs to either seize up or break, resulting in your garage door not opening or closing properly. If your garage door springs break due to rust, it can also put a strain on your garage door opener motor, causing it to wear out faster and possibly malfunction. We suggest, like the other parts mentioned, lubricate your garage door springs twice a year.

Garage Door Tracks.

Your tracks are also made from metal that can rust. Though less talked about than springs or hinges, if your tracks get rusted to the point the metal has corroded away in spots, your rollers can jump the garage door tracks, jamming your garage door. It is best to wipe them down twice a year and inspect them for rust. Do not grease the tracks. Greasing or lubricating the tracks attracts dirt and dust and that buildup will keep the door from operating smoothly.

Garage Door Rollers.

Garage door rollers can be made from three different types of material: plastic, metal, and nylon. Nylon garage door rollers are the ones we recommend as they have sealed ball bearings. Combine that with the fact you don’t have metal rolling on metal tracks, they are the quietest of the three. If you have metal rollers, you are going to want to lubricate them twice a year. Lubricate steel rollers by applying white lithium grease to the ball bearings, which are found at the innermost part of the roller, where it meets the shaft.

Garage Door Opener Chain and Rail.

If your garage door opener is chain-driven, that can rust too and need lubrication. Use a garage door lubrication and spray the chain twice a year. Your garage door opener also uses a metal rail. Use a lithium-based grease on the upper side of the rail from end to end by hand. Wipe off any excess from the sides of the rail with a rag.

Houston is known for its humid climate. That humid climate can cause rust on any of the metal parts of a garage door or garage door system made from or has steel. Proper lubrication and coverage of your garage door should help protect you from garage door rust. If you find the rust is there and has caused issues where you need garage door repair, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC has been providing garage door repair to Houston since 2006. Call us today and experience the award-winning service we have provided to hundreds of clients over the years. Call 281-748-9542 or if located in East Houston 713-557-3407 to schedule your appointment today!

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