With more than 63% of American houses including a garage or carport (entergy.gov), it is safe to say, that the garage door is a vital factor when it comes to household investments. There are several ways you can make your garage door less ordinary and make the home have more curb appeal. One of those ways is garage door windows. These are windows that generally are in the second from the top garage door section on a sectional garage door. There are some good reasons to have windows in your garage door, as well as some drawbacks. We are going to look at the pros and cons of garage door windows.

Pros of Garage Door Windows

These are the benefits of installing a window that sits on top of your garage door:

Curb Appeal

One of the main reasons to get garage door windows is curb appeal. Your garage door takes up a good chunk of one side of your home.  With a garage door window, you are able to customize your garage door to go with the rest of the house, and or stand out as an accent piece. Either direction you go will help raise your home’s value. 

More natural light

One of the biggest benefits of adding a window to a garage door is the fact that more natural light can enter the garage. This provides convenience at any time of day as well as an easier way to clean up the garage floor if you’re working on your vehicle or just organizing. This can also make your garage safer by being able to carry things into the garage without having to hit a light switch. It will be easier to watch your step in the garage before you get to the light switch. 

Ability to Customize

As we mentioned, one of the reasons for garage door windows is curb appeal. This is because you can customize what windows you have in your garage door. You can have one or two rows of windows, and large rectangular panes, or you can take advantage of many other panel and window designs. There are plenty of designs to choose from and you can even make them match the windows you have in your home. 

Cons of Garage Door Windows

While the pros are significant, there are a few cons that you may want to consider. These cons include:

Privacy and security

The biggest con of garage door windows is privacy and security. Just like any other window, people can see what is inside your garage. Having glass on your garage door can make you feel your property is more vulnerable to theft and break-ins.  This can be mitigated through by making sure the windows are high enough that it is hard for anyone walking by to look directly through them. You can also choose thick, double-pane windows for your garage door, you enhance its safety and energy efficiency.

Potential for water damage

Windows on a  garage door, just like any other window, need to be sealed against the elements, especially considering it rains a lot here in Houston. Just like any other weather seal, those seals can break down over time. This could allow rain to get in the inside of your garage and potentially inside your garage door. 

Glass breakage

Whether it’s from a rock thrown to a dropping tree branch, it is possible for your garage door window to break. Shards are easily broken into small pieces that can be dangerous to anyone who walks by the garage at any time. Plus this now poses a security risk as your garage is now exposed to being broken into. To help avoid damage, consider getting tempered glass, a more resilient glass choice for garage doors. 

If you’re still interested in adding garage door windows, make sure that you consider the above cons and pros to determine whether window installation is right for you. Here are the other few things to consider when buying garage door windows:

In conclusion, garage door windows can be an excellent choice if you’re looking to improve the functionality of your garage or eliminate any visibility issues that may have arisen over time. Not only are these beneficial for you, but they make your garage safer and more convenient for anyone who uses them regularly. If you’re interested in installing garage door windows, consider the Houston garage door pros at Spectrum Overhead Door. We have been helping Houstonians with their garage door installation and repairs since 2006. Call either 281-748-9542 or if you are closer to East Houston 713-557-3407 for a free quote today.

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