Protect Your Garage Door from Being Hacked

The security of your home extends far beyond locks and keys. That means even your garage door is susceptible to cyber threats. However, that does not mean you don’t have ways to protect yourself and your home. We are going to give you practical steps you can take to safeguard your garage doors from being hacked.

Fixed Code Technology and Its Vulnerabilities 

Fixed code garage door openers were the manufacturers’ first attempt to increase garage door security. Garage door openers use radio waves to function and operate at 300-400 megahertz (MHz) frequency. Unlike the radio waves used to send songs and spoken word to our car radios and home stereo systems, people don’t need a license to use garage door radio waves. This is what allowed thieves to open people’s garage doors with ease early on. Fixed code garage doors helped make it a little trickier.

Fixed code garage door openers, or dip switch garage door openers, use eight to 12 little switches inside the opener and the remote to set a code. Users set the code by sliding these dip switches into the up or down position. 

How Hackers Break Into Fix-Coded Garage Doors

The first way a garage door could be hacked is the brute force technique. With fixed codes, hackers can overwhelm the system with as many combinations as possible. Eventually, they will find the correct one that opens the door. With short passwords, like fixed codes, the brute force technique can be used rather quickly to gain access.

The Second is a device called OpenSesame. OpenSesame is a device that can wirelessly open virtually any fixed-code garage door. It uses a IM-ME messaging device to identify the correct code in under 10 seconds. 

Rolling Code Technology 

To reduce the risk of being hacked, most garage door openers now use rolling codes. Rolling code uses a proprietary coding system that selects a new code from billions of possible combinations each time the system is activated. 

Can Rolling Code Openers Still Be Hacked?

Thieves have found ways past even rolling code openers. Technology can increase security in our daily lives, but thieves can use their own technology to find ways around security features. Criminals can exploit rolling security features by using a code-jamming device known as a rolljam.

All they have to do is hide the rolljam near someone’s garage door and wait for the right moment, like the code grabbers of the past. When a homeowner presses their remote, the rolljam intercepts and stores the code. The homeowner then presses their remote a second time, generating a second code to open the garage door. The criminal can return to your house later and use the first stored code to access your garage.

Prevention From Being Hacked

As long as there is technology in our lives, there will always be bad actors looking to hack that technology. Here are some tips to help you prevent your garage door from being hacked. 

Use Strong and Unique Passwords

The first line of defense against hacking is to secure your wireless network and any associated apps with strong, unique passwords. Avoid common passwords and include a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Regularly changing your passwords can also help thwart would-be hackers.

Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Your garage door’s security is only as strong as your home Wi-Fi network. Ensure your router is using WPA3 encryption, the latest security standard. Additionally, hide your Wi-Fi network from public view and disable remote management features to minimize external access points.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Many smart garage door systems now offer two-factor authentication (2FA). This requires a second form of verification beyond just a password, such as a code sent to your smartphone. Enabling 2FA adds an extra layer of security, making it significantly harder for unauthorized users to gain access.

The myQ Smartphone App

LiftMaster created myQ technology as the latest security feature for smart garage door openers. With the myQ app, you can control your garage door from anywhere. You’ll receive a notification when someone uses your garage door. You can even customize who has access to your garage door at specific times of the day. It’s the perfect fit for you if you already enjoy the benefits of smart technology in your home.

Regularly Update Your System

Manufacturers often release software updates to address security vulnerabilities. Regularly updating your garage door opener’s firmware can protect you against known exploits. Enable automatic updates if available, or regularly check the manufacturer’s website for updates


Securing your garage door from hackers requires a combination of technological savvy and common sense. By taking proactive steps such as using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, updating your system, and securing your home network, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Spectrum Overhead Door in Houston is committed to helping you protect your home by providing the latest in garage door technology by installing the latest garage door openers and offering expert advice on maintaining your garage door’s security. Remember, the safety of your home starts with securing its entry points. Let’s ensure your garage door is not the weakest link.


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