It’s the holidays in the unprecedented times, or another way to put it is these are not your normal holiday times.  Holiday parties and gatherings are a staple In Christmas tradition, yet everyone this year is asked to keep them smaller and even outdoors if possible, though winter weather does not always afford us that luxury. One of the best places to hold your family parties this year could be your garage. Yet how do you turn your garage into a holiday party space?

Declutter Your Garage

Ok, so maybe your garage is like a lot of Houston area garages and has a little bit of everything there.  In order to make your garage an efficient party space, you need to declutter your garage first in order for people to have enough room (don’t forget social distance!) If there is a lot of stuff, your probably going to want to knock this out the weekend before and not wait till right before the party

  • Separate all items into piles such as keep, donate, sell, and trash
  • Remove items to be trashed, sold, or donated
  • Organize and store the remaining items
  • Store or temporarily remove large garage items such as equipment, vehicles, tools, etc.

Store Your Stuff

Now you have everything separated and sorted, but what to do with the stuff your keeping? This is where investing in garage storage becomes a good idea. One idea would be some cabinets on your garage wall. Also, you can use the overhead space in the garage by installing some overhead shelves. If you get wife shelves, you can also hand small items or decorations off the shelves.

Clean the Garage

Now that you have gotten off the stuff out of the way, you want to clean the garage. Remove dust and dirt from floor and walls, either by moping, wiping or even power washing depending on your situation. If you have the time, you may want to cover your garage floor with an epoxy floor covering. Epoxy floor coating is resilient and seals your floor. If your floor is uncoated and has been left open to damage, epoxy can protect your floor from any further damage.

Decorate Your Garage

Now you can turn your garage into a festive Christmas or New Years’ party space. Here are a few decorations and party ideas.

  • Lights lining the walls at the ceiling joint or molding.
  • Have folding chairs, add bows to the back of the chairs.
  • Have a Christmas Tree in one of the back corners of the garage.
  • Mount Bluetooth speaker to the garage walls to give good surround sound effect playing holiday music.
  • Use or acquire a mini-fridge or freezer to keep individual drinks and food cold.
  • Use a light projection display to ad decoration to the walls without having to use stickers or paint.
  • It’s 2020, so hand sanitizer would probably be a good idea, but that does not mean you can’t add a festive flair to even that. You can put a bow on the bottle or partially wrap it in holiday paper.

Even with this famously being 2020, you can close out this year on a high note by using your garage as holiday party space. If weather permits, you can even raise the garage door and allow an indoor and outdoor setting for your holiday party. Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year from all of us at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC, Houston’s award-winning garage door repair company.


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