Why Your Garage Door Stops Working After a Storm

Living in Houston can be rough weather-wise. The first half of 2024 is almost gone and we have already had plenty of wind and rain storms here in Houston. One thing we always get garage door repair calls on after a storm is that their garage door has stopped working, or at least working correctly. Considering storms are a part of life in Houston, we wanted to go over different reasons why your garage door stops working after a storm. 

Electrical Issues

Power Outages and Power Surges

First up, let’s talk power. Storms can knock out power lines, and no power means no automatic garage door operation if you don’t have a battery backup system. It’s a common scenario we see here at Spectrum—once the power’s back, your door still might not work due to the outage affecting its settings or even frying the circuit board if there was a surge.

Speaking of surges, these are a real threat during storms. A power surge can quickly cook the electronic components of your garage door opener. I’ve seen many homeowners here in Houston come to us post-storm, baffled by their non-responsive garage doors, only to find out a surge zapped their opener. It’s a good idea to invest in a surge protector for the garage door opener to avoid this costly damage.

Physical Damage

Wind Damage

High winds are notorious for bending garage door tracks or loosening the tension in the springs. If your door seems off-kilter or won’t open smoothly, wind damage might be the culprit. After Hurricane Harvey, we had numerous calls about doors that simply wouldn’t operate right because the tracks were so out of alignment.

Debris Impact

From tree branches to flying garden decorations, anything picked up by the wind can be hurled against your garage door. I remember a funny yet unfortunate incident where a customer’s inflatable pool ended up squashed against their garage door, denting it severely. Always clear away potential projectiles from your yard when a storm is on the horizon!

Flood Damage

Let’s not forget about flooding, especially in our low-lying coastal areas. Water can wreak havoc on the lower sections of your garage door, and especially on the electronic components if your system isn’t elevated. Post-storm flooding is something we tackle often, helping homeowners assess and repair water damage to their garage systems.

Sensor Issues


Sensors are your garage door’s safety feature, stopping it from closing if something is in the way. Storms can knock these little guys out of alignment. A simple bump from debris or even heavy rain can do it. If your door isn’t closing all the way, checking the alignment of these sensors should be your first step.

Moisture and Dirt

Water and dirt can also cloud the sensors, making them think there’s always something obstructing the door. Cleaning them off with a soft cloth can often fix this issue. I’ve had a chuckle or two after clearing mud splatters off a sensor and watching a homeowner’s relief when their door starts working again.

Mechanical Failures

Corrosion and Rust

Houston’s humidity combined with storm moisture can start the rusting process on your door’s springs and hinges. Regular lubrication after a storm can go a long way in preventing this.

Component Breakdown

The mechanical strain from battling the elements can accelerate wear on your door’s rollers, cables, and springs. It’s like running a marathon in heavy rain; even the best of us would get a little worn out.

Professional Repair and Support

If the damage is beyond a simple DIY fix or if you’re unsure about what to do, it’s time to call in the pros. At Spectrum Overhead Door, we offer everything from emergency repairs to routine maintenance. Don’t risk an injury or further damage by trying to fix complex issues on your own.


Garage doors are often overlooked until something goes wrong. Post-storm issues can be a hassle, but understanding why they happen and how to prevent them can save you time and money. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a major repair, we’re here to help ensure your garage door is safe and functional, no matter the weather.



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