The holidays are a perfect time of here to have fun, and decorate the home in the spirit of the season. You also can’t forget the garage! The garage door is a perfect place to show off some holiday spirit! Here are 5 holiday decorating ideas for your garage door.

Ribbon & Bow

Make your garage door look like a giant present by adding a big bow and ribbon. They can come as magnetic sheeting that just sticks onto your garage door.  You can find them at places like The benefit to the idea is it is easy to both install and uninstall after the holidays, so makes your work much easier.

Light projections

Light projection machines create shapes and dancing lights on your garage door. Many light projection machines include timing options, programmable light patterns, and use LED lights for brightness and energy efficiency. You can get real creative with this idea, from simple lights or moving lights to project scenes like the nativity scene on your garage door. You could even go so far as syncing up your favorite holiday music, creating small digital production on your garage door.

Paint Murals on your Garage Door Windows.

Using water-based paint like acrylic craft paints, you can create a lovely scene on your garage door window. You can paint holiday tress limbs, poinsettias or even a snowman. There are also water-based frost paint where you can make your garage door widows look frosted on the outside.

Decorations on Each Side – Framing Your Garage Door.

On each side of the garage door, you could place Christmas trees, boxes made to look like presents, sleds etc. to frame up your garage door and create an inviting scene.

Traditional and classy, lights and wreath.

For a traditional and classy approach, wrap a garland in lights, and attach the garland around the garage door frame. Outline your garage door with twinkling lights giving a festive look.

Quick Considerations When Decorating Your Garage Door

When placing items on the garage door itself, make sure that the door can easily raise and lower without obstruction. So you want to make sure any items on the garage door itself are thin. This is why if you use a wreath, it should be on the frame, not the door.

If you place any decorations on the garage door itself, make sure they are light weight. You don’t want to add a lot of weight to the door itself and make the garage door opener work harder.

If you choose to use anything with adhesive or paint, make sure it is water sailable and can wash off. Avoid adhesives or other materials that will damage the surface of the garage door.

A big blank surface such as your garage door is a perfect blank canvas for holiday decorating.  These are just 5 decorating ideas for your garage door., but please, let your imagination have some fun with this. You could even combine ideas such as frost the windows and have a ribbon and bow! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from Spectrum Overhead Door LLC.

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