Garage doors are a big investment of your time and money. Whether you are looking to build a new home, add a garage to your existing home or replace your existing garage doors in Houston, there are several cost considerations for garage doors.

The Size of Your Garage Door.

The size of your garage door is one of the first considerations in the costs of the garage door.  As with most things in life, larger means cost more. For residential garage doors, your door is going to come in two standard sizes, 8×7 foot or 16×7 foot.

The Style and Design of Your Garage Door.

The style and design of your garage door is key cost factor regarding your garage door. You want to pick a style and color that will complement the rest of your home. For instance. Carriage wood-style garage doors give an old-world look to your home.  All fiberglass garage doors have a more modern, contemporary look.

What the Garage Door Is Made From.

What the garage door is made from will greatly impact the cost of garage doors. Garage doors are made from aluminum, steel, wood and fiberglass. Steel garage doors are one of the more common garage doors. This 16×8 foot garage door that you can buy and install yourself is a little less than $900. Custom wooden garage doors can average around 4-6k or more for a 16X7 foot door.

Maintenance on Your Garage Door.

If you’re going to get a new garage door installed, you should consider the costs of maintenance and repair as well. Over time, your garage door will require maintenance on hardware, moving parts, and the garage door itself. Some of these types of considerations go hand in hand with what kind of material your garage door is made out of. For example, wooden garage doors require different maintenance than an aluminum garage door.

Installation options.

You really have two options here, buy the garage door and install it yourself or have a company like Houston garage door company Spectrum Overhead Door install your garage door for you. Depending on the type of door, the cost of installation can vary. If you are trying to decide if you should save some money and install the garage door yourself or hire a garage door company, read Advantages to Calling a Garage Door Repair Technician. If you are not sure who you should trust to hire, read Choosing the Best Garage Door Repair company in Houston


This goes hand in hand with installation options. If you purchase a new garage door, it’ll come with a warranty by that will cover any manufacturing defects. However, if you install it yourself, that is the only warranty you have. If you have a garage door installation company install your garage door, they also cover both parts and labor. That means if something goes wrong with the garage door during the warranty period, fixing it or replacing it is free of charge.


In conclusion, your door is a large investment, so take your time and make sure that you have one that you can be proud of. It’s more than just something to cover your garage. It’s an exterior feature of your home that helps with curb appeal while helping to keep your home safe.

If you are considering a garage door installation in Houston, Call us at Spectrum Overhead Door LLC and we can help you design the door and give you a free, no-obligation quote. Main Office: 281-748-9542, East Houston 713-557-3407


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