If you have owned your Houston home for a while, your garage door or garage door system can look or be out of date. Now, while it is true that garage doors are built to last 10-15 years and the same with garage door openers, there are some reasons you may not want to wait that long. Between advances in technology, and changes in life circumstances, you may want to consider some garage door upgrades. Here are some garage door upgrades you should consider.

Adding windows will dramatically improve your garage lighting.

Natural sunlight is an amazing addition to any part of your house and your garage is no exception. But upgrading your garage door to one with windows, you can cast a whole new look on your garage and even forego the need for artificial lighting much of the time. Garage door windows add both beauty and functionality.

An upgraded garage door can lower your monthly bills.

You may have never thought of your garage door as an aspect of your home that could save you money, but by installing an extra-insulated garage door, you can realize increased efficiency in your home’s heating and cooling systems thereby lowering your overall monthly energy costs.

Control your garage door from your phone.

Smart home technology is here and that includes your garage door. An upgraded garage door can be outfitted with the ability to be controlled by your smartphone or laptop to allow you and your family the ability to open and close the door from anywhere. An excellent feature for those that need to let in family members or repair workers at a time when you aren’t home.

LED lighting upgrades

Many newer garage doors come with a variety of lighting options for both the inside and outside of your garage. LED lighting is incredibly bright and will help to add attractive lighting AND increased safety for you and your family at night.

See what’s going on in your garage with video. 

With the new Liftmaster 87504-267 Elite Series garage door opener, you can see what is going on inside your garage door with the integrated camera. This is great in case you have kids, guests come in and out, deliveries or even if you forget to close your garage door.

Backing up your door with batteries.

In times past, if the power went out, you would have to open and close your garage door manually. A feat that is not always easily accomplished, especially by older folks or those with injuries or disabilities. Now, many newer garage door upgrades come with the ability to include a battery backup system to ensure your garage door will operate no matter if the electricity is working or not.

Change the look of your garage door without buying a new one.

Garage door straps and handles can really change and improve the look of your garage door without having to buy a new door. Decorative straps and handles are made to mimic the look of a carriage house barn door without the functionality of the handles. You can find the straps and handle packages here.

So, while you may have not given it a thought of some of these reasons before, hopefully, the list above will help in deciding when and why to do a garage door upgrade for your home. When the time comes, consider Spectrum Overhead Door, LLC, your Houston garage door installation experts, for all your Houston garage door installation needs.

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