Every now and then, for various reasons you may want to update the curb appeal of your home or get some natural light into your home’s garage. So, you decide your garage door needs some windows. For some, it can be very tempting to look at some YouTube videos and decide to cut into your garage door yourself to add the windows or hire a handyman to install new garage door windows into your existing garage door. Yet we want to add one word of caution, a consideration you may not have thought of, your garage door installation warranty. You should ask your self this question, does adding a garage door windows void my garage door installation warranty? The answer is depending on the door and how the window was installed, you may actually be voiding any installation or manufacture warranty.

The depending part, has in part, to do with what type of garage door you have.  If you have a hollow aluminum or steel garage door, in most cases you just void the panel that was cut into. As long as other panels are not touched, garage door repair companies Like Spectrum Overhead Door LLC would still honor the warranty on untouched panels. If you have an insulated garage door, the moment you cut into or modify any of the doors during the warranty period, you do void any installation warranty and the manufacturer warranty as well.

If you want to add windows to your garage door, easiest least costly way to do so is buying a panel with the windows installed in, and replacing your top garage door panel. This way, the panel has the from built-in and the clips in place to hold the garage door window glass in place.  This way if you buy from the company that installed the garage door, you most likely will not void any installation warranty. Also, this is also most likely the cost-effective way and For example, we sell panels at $95 base price plus $15 per window. There are usually 8 windows in a typical 16-foot garage door. So the total would be $215. If you are in the Houston area and need the garage door panel replacement, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC can give you a free quote.

Furthermore, we suggest having a professional install the new windows for a couple of other reasons. For one, your garage door is on a balance. The torsion springs are designed to lift just the weight of your current garage door. Adding windows will change that weight and could throw off the whole system. This could put your springs or opener motor at risk. Also, with having a garage door professional installing the new windows or panel with windows, you’re not risking doing any undo damage to the garage door itself and then being on the hook to pay for those damages.

Bonus Tip: While we are about garage door warranties, did you know that installing your own opener might void the warranty on the door? If you had a professional install your garage door, it is best to have that same company install the opener if you want to keep your garage door installation warranty. Don’t just take our word for it… it’s also the advice of home improvement king Bob Villa!

Garage door windows are a great way to upgrade your curb appeal or let natural light into your garage. Though it may be tempting to start hacking away at your garage door, it really is best to have a professional install a top panel with the windows already installed. It will most likely cost less, be less risky to your garage door and keep your garage door warranty intact.

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