This last year has made money tight for a lot of homeowners. If you are one of these homeowners here in Houston, one of the last things you want is a big expensive repair. Yet if your garage door gets to where it won’t open, that is exactly what could happen. Yet you can prevent this from happening and save money with a garage door tune-up.

The Concept Of a Garage Door Tune-Up.

It is a simple concept really. You go to the doctor to get a check-up to catch anything that could go wrong early so it’s an easier and less expensive fix. Same thing with the dentist. A filling could save you from having to pull teeth later on. Your garage door and garage door opener should be treated with no less care.  After all, it is not just how you get in and out of your garage, but a vital piece of home security as well. If your garage door gets stuck open, that is a welcome sign for thieves and burglars.  And if something breaks on the door hardware or opener, it’s going to be more expensive to replace than if you would have maintained and tuned up the garage door yearly.

Saving Money with a Garage Door Tune-Up.

A garage door maintenance and inspection or what’s known as a garage door tune-up can save you hundreds of dollars, plenty of time and lots of headaches.  For example, Spectrum Overhead Door ‘s garage door tune-up uses a 20 point inspection which includes joints, bolts, garage door tracks, condition of the rollers, condition of the cables, an inspection of the operator, panels, and seals. We check the condition of the garage door springs and make needed adjustments. We make sure the garage door fits evenly to the ground when the door is closed. The tune-up also includes lubrication of all parts needed inducing operator, springs, and rollers. Just about everything on a garage door you can think of is checked.

The “If It is Not Broke Don’t Fix It” Mentality.

The “if it is not broke don’t fix it” mentality can cost you dearly down the road For example, garage door springs are rated by cycles. A cycle is each time they open and close.  Like anything else metal, they can expand and rust over time. This causes the springs to not have the right tension to hold the garage door. If not addressed over time, the spring can break causing your garage door to get stuck. If you have a left and right garage door spring and one to break, it is recommended to replace both because otherwise, you have uneven wear, causing the older spring to break sooner than later.  That is TWO springs that you would need to replace. The easier and less expensive option is having a garage door tune-up, every 2 years, where the technician would test and adjust your garage door springs tension.

Taking another scenario, this time your chain on your garage door opener. That chain needs to stay lubricated. Yet like so many other things, it gets put on your “honey-do” list, which keeps getting pushed off or forgotten. Left long enough, that can damage your operator, causing serious problems with your garage door. With a garage door maintenance checkup, that issue can be caught and taken care of early saving you time and money.

Get The Tune-Up, Save Money.

You can see from the examples above that if you get your garage door checked out and tuned up, the parts will last longer and you will avoid costly repairs. You will avoid parts breaking and or catching breaking parts early enough to keep them from causing more harm, thus saving you money.

Spectrum Overhead Door LLC is a locally owned and operated garage door repair company in Houston. With hundreds of satisfied clients and customers, we treat everyone with respect, explaining the problem and giving the most economical solutions to their garage door problems. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a garage door tune-up, call us at (281) 748-9542 or 713-557-3407

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