Signs Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

A regular bi-annual maintenance check of your garage door system is the ideal way to spot issues before they become problems. However, Houstonians live busy lives and if the hustle and bustle of daily life isn’t enough, you have the weather here. So it’s easy to miss a time to catch issues, and even if you do regular inspections on your door, there are times it’s just going to have issues. If you know the signs that your garage door needs maintenance, you just might catch those issues early enough before they break your whole door system. Let’s go over what some of those signs could be. 

Unusual Noises 

Have you ever noticed your garage door making more noise than a room full of toddlers? Those grinding, squeaking, or snapping sounds are not just annoying—they’re a cry for help from your garage door.

Grinding or Squeaking Sounds

These usually mean that parts of your door need lubrication or that certain components are worn out and need replacing. It’s like when your car starts screeching; it’s often because something’s not quite right under the hood.

Snapping or Popping Noises

If it sounds like popcorn is being made in your garage every time the door moves, you might be dealing with spring issues. Just last week, I visited a home where the spring had snapped, and it sounded like a gunshot! It’s a safety hazard and needs immediate attention.

Opening and Closing Issues

Slow Response Time

Does your garage door have a mind of its own, taking its sweet time to open or close? This isn’t just a minor annoyance—it could indicate something more serious.

Delayed Operation

A delay between hitting the remote and your door’s action might suggest problems with the opener or signal interference. Think of it like emailing someone and waiting ages for a reply; something in the communication line is off.

Irregular Opening and Closing

If your door is playing stop-and-go more than your kids’ games, this could point to issues with alignment or an uncooperative opener. Just like when your computer starts freezing up, these little hints suggest it might be time for a check-up.

Inconsistent Movement

Jerky motions or a door that sticks are more than just irritating—they’re signs your garage door might be in distress.

Jerky Motions

This often means something is up with your door’s cables or tension springs. It’s like when you’re trying to use a saw with a dull blade; it’s going to be choppy.

Sticking When Opening or Closing

Tracks that are dirty or lacking lubrication can often cause your door to stick. It’s like trying to slide a sticky drawer open; it needs some TLC to move smoothly.

Failure to Open or Close Completely

Sometimes, the biggest sign of trouble is the most obvious—your door just won’t open or close all the way.

Sensor Issues

Dirty or misaligned sensors can often cause your door to behave erratically, thinking there’s an obstacle when there isn’t. It’s like those automatic toilets that flush before you’re ready. They think they’re helping, but they’re really not!

Visible Wear and Tear

Door Off Track

There’s almost nothing scarier in the garage door world than a door that’s come off its track. This is a major safety risk and needs to be looked at immediately.


If your door looks uneven or doesn’t sit flush against the ground, it’s likely off-track. This can happen from normal use over time or something hitting the door. Either way, it’s like riding a bike with a bent wheel; it just doesn’t work right.

Sagging Sections

If part of your garage door starts sagging, it can be a sign that the tension springs are not holding up. It’s similar to when your favorite old couch starts to dip; it means the springs are giving out.

Rust and Corrosion

Rust on the springs, hinges, or rollers isn’t just unsightly; it can lead to serious damage if left unchecked. It’s like letting rust get a foothold on your bike; pretty soon, it’s going to affect the ride.

When to Seek Professional Help

If you’re ever in doubt, it’s best to call in the pros. We at Spectrum Overhead Door are always here to help, whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs.


Garage door maintenance might not be the most exciting part of homeownership, but it’s crucial for keeping everything running smoothly. Just like with any other part of your house, a little attention can go a long way. Keep an eye—and ear—out for these signs, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Spectrum Overhead Door for any concerns or garage door repair needs. Your garage door will thank you!



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