If your garage door is having a problem, you might be on the fence about what to do about it. There is the route of calling a garage door repair company to fix your issue. Then there is the Do-It-Yourself route. Calling a garage door company can save time, while doing the repairs yourself can save you money. While we don’t discourage someone from doing the repairs themselves, it is easy to do common DIY  garage door repair mistakes. Here are a few that can be easily made and how to avoid them.

Never Ignore Weird Sounds/Incidents

It’s your home and you are probably pretty used to how your garage door normally sounds. If your garage door motor sounds off, or your door sounds more noisy than normal, do not ignore the issues for the sake of wanting to fix it yourself at a better time. Weird movements and loud sounds coming from your garage door are not normal things to be happening and should be addressed immediately before the problem gets out of hand. Quite often enough, people leave these problems unattended for far too long, which leads them to unexpected costs to fix them. If it’s something you can fix, do it when you notice an issue. Do not wait.

Improper Maintenance

Similar to a car, house, appliances and other tools, your garage is a piece of your home that needs to be maintained regularly. Tightening any hardware that came loose, replacing any weather stripping, checking all the cables, servicing the door chain and/or belt, testing the balance, lubricating any parts that have movement, testing any features and checking the door itself are all part of maintaining your garage. If you plan on doing the repairs and maintenance yourself, make sure you read and watch blogs and videos on the proper steps. Improper maintenance, such as using the wrong grease, not checking rollers, overcorrecting a track, can lead to costly damage that will, in most cases, need a professional to fix.

Not Wearing Protective Gear

This one is a big deal for most people who are doing this themselves. You must wear protective gear to avoid any potentially serious injuries. Eye gear, a hard hat, and strong leather gloves are the most important protective gear you can wear for a garage repair project.

Not Using the Right Tools

When you have decided to do a repair, such as a garage door spring repair, it is imperative you use the right tools for the job. Using the wrong tools, for example, a screwdriver to substitute for a winding bar, to not damage parts and cause injury to yourself.

Not Using Help

They always say two hands are better than one. In some instances, such as working on the garage door motor or replacing a panel, it might be better to have another person there to help you rather than doing it all by yourself. This can avoid injuries like falling or stepping off of a ladder.

Not Knowing When to Say When

We all want to save a buck or two when we can. Yet, if you have tried doing the repair yourself and it has not been going your way, know when to call a professional garage door repair company to step in and fix the issue before more damage occurs. Some of the biggest hassles can be avoided by knowing when it’s simply better to call a professional.

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