Your garage door can take up to 40% of the façade of your home and can impact the value of your home. So, when damage or wear and tear affects your garage door, it is not a decision to take lightly. Ultimately, you may face the decision of replacing vs. repairing your garage door. We have put together some factors that may help you make that important decision.

The severity of the damage.

One of your garage door panels may be damaged due to impact from a car, a storm or other factors. The severity of the damage can have a direct effect on whether to repair or place your garage door. Depending on exactly where and what the damage is, you may be able to fix the structure of the door but not necessarily the cosmetic dents and dings. Also, it may depend on if the damage is limited to just a single garage door panel. Most manufacturers make single garage door panels for their doors, so it may need just a swap out from the damaged panel to a new panel. Just make sure that if it is a single panel, to take care of it soon. If you ignore a small issue for long enough, it will spread and completely change the equation for repair costs. If you are replacing more than a couple of panels, it isn’t any cheaper than replacing the whole door.

How many times your door has been repaired.

If your garage door has been repaired a few times, each time could take a bit away from the structural integrity and look from the door. If your door has been damaged and repaired, just to be damaged again in a different location, it may be better just to replace your garage door.

How strict is your Houston HOA?

As mentioned above, depending on the type of damage, the structural integrity of the door may be fixed, but not necessarily the dents, dings, and scrapes on the door. There are some HOA (Home Owners’ Associations) that are pretty strict about the appearance of the homes in neighborhoods. This may include the appearance of your garage door. Check your HOA guidelines to see if there are any rules regarding your garage door appearance.

Age of the garage door.

If your garage door is pretty old, it could lack child safety features. Sensors can detect when a child or pet is crossing the threshold while the door is closing, prompting it to stop immediately. Furthermore, doors can also sense when something is being pressed by the door, causing it to stop before inflicting an injury. While it is possible to add these features to older doors after-market, others are not cost-effective when retrofitted. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your door comes complete with all the latest child safety features is to install a new door.

Another thing to consider is that newer doors come with other improved security features, helping to improve the way you protect your home. Newer garage doors come with many redundant security features, including garage door opener apps, which will go a long way in deterring someone from breaking into your garage.

One last thing to consider in regard to age is whether you are trying, or will try in the future, to sell your home. An updated garage door style and look can go a long way into upping your home’s curb appeal.

Worried about home energy cost?

Ok, we admit it, it does speak to the age of your door as well. Yet, this is more about the impact on your wallet and less about impact on a garage door. While you may be able to increase energy efficiency by replacing the weather stripping at the bottom of an old garage door, the kind of insulation and energy-efficient materials used in today’s new doors are leaps and bounds improved over garage doors of 10-20 years ago. Just like the way a new garage door recoups its costs in increased home value, a new door will also quickly pay for itself in energy savings!

Your garage door seems heavy.

Your garage door may seem heavier than normal, making you consider getting a new garage door. In truth, this is more than likely caused by your garage door springs, not the door itself. It is likely that your garage door springs have started to wear down and are no longer capable of bearing the weight of the overhead door as it used to. Now that does not mean the springs are going to break right away, but if left unfixed, the springs can break and cause a huge safety hazard. It is best to call a garage door repair specialist like Spectrum Overhead Doors LLC to inspect your springs.

Garage Door Replacement Costs.

First, we want to touch on the subject of replacing the garage door yourself. Many service companies discourage installing the garage door yourself, and other home improvement sites will encourage homeowners to do the installation. In truth, we see both sides. You can save money by DIYing the installation, yet there are other factors like safety and saving time by having a garage door company do the installation. Also, hiring a garage door company to install the door, you get an installation warranty, so if anything goes wrong during installation, the extra work is covered at no extra charge. While these numbers are often determined by several factors, including the materials and labor involved, on average, a garage door replacement could range from about $300 to over $2,000. Some of the factors that go into that range include:

Materials: Common garage door materials include wood, steel, aluminum, and vinyl.

Insulation: If you are trying to save on energy cost, it is recommended to purchase a garage door with insulation, however, they are a bit more expensive upfront over a non-insulated door.

Labor:  Most homes require just a basic installation, but some do need special services.

Garage Door Opener:  Depending on the age of your opener, as well as other factors, it may be recommended to replace your garage door opener at the same time.

Choosing the right garage door service.

Whether you choose to repair or replace your garage door, choosing the right company to do the job is paramount to a garage door job done right and the door acting the way it should. If you are in Houston, Katy, Memorial, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Cypress, Richmond, Humble, Kingwood, Channelview, Pearland or Pasadena, Spectrum Overhead Door LLC is ready to give you fast, friendly and affordable garage door services. Spectrum Overhead Door is an A+ BBB garage door repair service company located off of I-10 West. We are locally owned and operated and proud to serve Houston and surrounding areas with exceptional garage door repair and installation services.

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