In this new normal, a lot of people have more time at home. Even as things open up, there is still a reluctance to go out. With this new-found time, it has made some people look at the issues in their homes more closely. These issues include with their garage door. That being said, how do you weigh the options of calling a Houston garage door repair technician versus doing it yourself? When should you call a garage door professional?

First, let’s clear the air about something. We do not take your typical stance of for every problem you should call a garage door professional. There are plenty of things you can do yourself and save yourself time and money. For instance, if the weather stripping on your garage door has gone bad, you can simply replace it 0yourself. If your garage door is squeaking or there is just a little rust on your garage door springs, feel free to use some garage door lubricant and lubricate your springs and hinges.

So, when should you call a garage door professional?

Some garage door problems are not as easy for a do-it-yourselfer to diagnose. For instance, if your garage door does not open all the way or close all the way, there are steps to take to see what the issue is. Yet, the answer to the problem is not always obvious. Also, taking the time to go through the steps, then once the problem is found, fixing the issue using the right methods. The time taken to do all of this might be better spent elsewhere, like time with your family.

It’s a safety thing too.

Some repairs, like replacing a garage door spring can be done by the homeowner but are dangerous to do. There is a lot of torque on those springs and if one breaks or shoots out, it can cause some serious damage or even loss of life. If you are going to replace the spring yourself, you’re going to have to be comfortable following guidelines and safety precautions, and still be ready if things go wrong. In many cases, it is best to call a garage door repair technician instead.

Warranties make a difference.

On any repairs made by a garage door professional, whether it’s installing a new garage door opener to replacing a garage door panel, that repair should come with a warranty on the work done. Meaning they will come back and fix it for free if something goes wrong with the repair. If you’re making the repair on your own, sure you can save some money. Yet, you better be sure you have done the repair right. If the repair goes wrong, that is more money and time spent fixing the mistake and with it goes any savings you had by doing it yourself.

To sum it all up, knowing when to call a garage door repair technician depends on a few factors. How much value you put on your time as well as how much free time you have is one. Your comfortability in making home repairs is another, and how complicated the issue is in regard to diagnosing and completing the repairs are also other factors.

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