Garage doors are an important part of the home, both in aesthetics and function. And while one can do garage door repairs themselves if they so choose, there are some misconceptions about garage door maintenance and repair. So we are here to dispel some of those common garage door repair misconceptions.

Garage doors can run without ever being maintained or lubricated.

In this Houston humidity, anything metal can rust. When rust gets on the metal parts they can start to break down. Garage doors are just like anything else mechanical. They can often break down if not maintained. In order for your garage door o work properly and extend the life of your garage door and garage door opener is to regularly maintain and lubricate your garage door system.  Click here for tips on how to maintain your garage door.

Garage doors are easy to fix.

Another common misconception is that garage doors are not complicated, and one can easily fix them if necessary. It is true that for the right person, most repairs can be done by the homeowner, That does not mean the repairs are easy or should be done by the homeowner. In many cases, it is best to leave the repairs Houston garage door repair company that has experience in handling all aspects of garage door repair.

Only replace garage door springs when they are broken.

One misconception about garage door repairs that can quickly lead to complications and frustrations is that you should only replace a spring when it is broken. For instance, you notice one of your springs has broken so you decide to replace it but since the other one seems fine, you leave it intact. If both of your garage door springs were installed at the same time, then they will wear evenly. You should always change the pair together instead of one spring at a time. If you change only the one that broke, that means the other one is going to have more stress due to wear and age than the newer one, and it will break sooner rather than later.

Garage doors are supposed to be noisy.

While it is true that you may hear a small bit of noise from your garage door, you should not hear excessive noise. Noises such as screeching, clanking, metal rubbing or excessive squeaking while opening or closing, could be signs of wear and tear and should be looked at by a garage door professional.

All Garage door Companies want to take advantage of the homeowner.

It is true that there are less than reputable garage door repair companies who are more interested in selling you a new door rather than repairing your existing one, but rest assured, not all garage door repair companies are the same. A little research and word of mouth will help you weed out those companies that are out to just make a buck and ones that really care about the homeowner.  Click here for tips on how to hire a garage door contractor. When you choose a reputable Houston garage door repair company, they can evaluate your existing door and offer services to repair and fix any issues to get your garage door back to 100% working condition in no time.

All garage door warranties are a gimmick.

Again, like earlier, this misconception got started because there is a small grain of truth. In many cases, manufacturers offer “Lifetime warranties”. What they do not tell you is they only cover parts, not labor. So basically, that is a gimmick. Yet, a reputable garage door company will offer a warranty on installation and repairs that cover BOTH labor and parts. Those warranties usually are about 2 years. A good tip to remember is the longer the warranty, the more you want to look at the fine print.

In the end, do your research.

Many of these misconceptions about garage door repairs can be dispelled by going online and doing some research. When you decide you need a garage door repair contractor, research the company. Look for reviews and when you talk to that company, ask questions.

Maintain your garage door regularly, fix any issues you can handle yourself, and if need be, contact a quality garage door repair company and you can rely on your garage door to perform its duties for many years to come.

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