What to Do LiftMaster Error Code 4-6

LiftMaster garage door openers are a brand many garage door techs and homeowners here in Houston swear by and for good reason. The garage door opener brand is one of the most reliable on the market. However, even the most reliable pieces of machinery break down. That includes LiftMaster garage door openers. If your garage door will not open all the way, sometimes your garage door opener pad will show “Error code 4-2 excessive opening force detected” to indicate that an obstruction, binding, or a sticking door was detected. This doesn’t mean your garage door opener is about break or needs to be replaced. There are several causes for this error, and not all have to do with the garage door opener itself.   We are going to go over what a LiftMaster error code 4-6 means and some common ways to fix the error.

Common Fixes for LiftMaster error code 4-6

Check The Alignment

Often, a 4-6 error code can point to an alignment problem with the sensors. Garage door sensors are 2 small little devices with lenses on the front that are positioned about 6 inches off the ground on either side of the garage door track. Measure from the ground to the garage door safety sensor on both sides and make sure they are at the same height. Also, measure from the wall the track connects to, and make sure the distance away from the wall is the same. An adjustment can be made by loosening the butterfly nut, redirecting, and then re-tightening securely.

Check for Obstacles

One thing to check for when troubleshooting the Liftmaster Error Code 4-6 is obstacles. Make sure that nothing is blocking the path of the garage door opener, as this can prevent it from functioning properly. Clear away any boxes, bikes, or other objects that might be in the way and see if that fixes the problem. Getting rid of these hindrances between the conveyance and delivery units should be adequate to make a more efficient connection amid your garage sensors.

Make Sure Your Sensors Are Clean

The garage door opener must be able to sense when something is in the way of the door to prevent injuries. Make sure that neither sensor is blocking and that they are both clean. If you have checked all these things and are still receiving the error code, please get in touch with customer service for further assistance.

 Adjust the Force Settings On the Opener

The force settings tell the opener how much power to use, and if they are set too low, the opener will not be able to open the door. To adjust the force settings, press and simultaneously hold the “up” and “down” buttons on the opener. The force setting will cycle through the three options: light, medium, and heavy. Choose the setting that best matches your door. If you still see Error Code 4-6 after adjusting the force setting, you will need to replace the batteries in the opener.

Check Door Balance

If your garage door is off balance, it will make the door hard to close, therefore possibly causing your error code. We talk about how to check your balance in 10 Tips for Garage Door maintenance. To check your garage door’s balance you’ll have to disconnect your garage door from your opener and check how well the door rests on its own. Run the door up and down a few times to make sure it moves easily within it’s the track. With your garage door moving smoothly in the tracks, run it up about halfway and let go. Does it hover in place, fall to the floor, or move upward? More than a little movement means your door is out of balance and the torsion spring (also known as a tension spring) may need to be adjusted or replaced.

 Check the Power Supply

One possible reason for receiving the Liftmaster Error Code 4-6 is an issue with the power supply. Check to ensure that the power cord is plugged into a working outlet and that the circuit breaker has not been tripped. If the power cord is plugged in and the circuit breaker is fine, try plugging the Liftmaster into a different outlet to see if that solves the problem. To authenticate this issue with your unit, use a multimeter and confirm the power flow in the outlet. If the LED bulb on the garage door opener is not lit, this is also an indication that the unit may lack power. If you still receive the error code after checking the power supply, move on to the next step.

If you have done all these steps, still have issues, or don’t have time to investigate the issues, you can all Spectrum Overhead Door LLC if you are in the Houston area. We have been repairing garage doors in Houston since 2006 with multiple service awards for excellence. Call 281-748-9542 to schedule your appointment.



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    I keep getting error code 4-6 even though my sensors are balanced, clean and nothing is obstructing them. Can you please let me know what else I might try to get my garage door to close properly?


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